Shift Those Extra Few Pounds With The Caveman Diet


The Caveman Diet speaks for itself pretty much…it’s basically a very simplified diet which works well for people who want to lose weight and perhaps build fitness whilst avoiding the tedious measuring and points counting which so many other diets include in their regimes.

The basis of The Caveman Diet is that you avoid foods which a caveman would not have had access to. So that means that kebabs and shop-bought pies are out! As are crisps, chocolate and most processed foods. What you can eat is meat, eggs, vegetables and some fruit and nuts though if you’re going to be really strict with yourself these should be eaten in season only. No caveman had access to strawberries in December for instance!

What you should not eat include grains, processed foods, sugar and dairy. So your morning yogurt is out…as is your lunchtime toastie and your mid-morning chocolate bar and fizzy drink!

You can also eat fish and shellfish so with imagination, you can enjoy a good and very healthy variety of foods…as long as you don’t fall into the habit of eating the same thing daily you should find that The Caveman Diet is very easy to stick to.

How to deal with cravings

Many people who are new to The Caveman Diet speak of sudden and almost desperate cravings for sugar. This is because sugar is highly addictive and your body will experience pangs and withdrawal at first. If you’re in need of a sugar fix eat a banana…and an apple. Berries are very sweet and excellent for fooling your body into thinking it’s been sated when it’s really crying out for a slice of cake and a cola…eat as many in season berries as you desire, not only are they tasty but they are also packed with antioxidants which will power your body and keep your toxin levels falling.


How to hurry along the improvements

So you’re patiently awaiting the results of your new diet but you’d like a little bit of action now. We all want to see results quickly so what’s a good treatment to boost your body confidence and which you can book into without disrupting your life or your bank balance?

The answer is TriActive & Body Contouring which is a non-invasive laser based treatment designed to improve the silhouette and appearance of the body’s problem areas. Thighs, buttocks, hips, arms,  your face, tummy and neck can all be treated with the low level laser diodes which make this treatment so remarkable. A glance at some before and after pictures from TriActive & Body Contouring will allow you to see for yourself just how amazing this treatment is.

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