Seriously What Were They Inking?

seriously what were they inking

In the previous post ‘Tattoos – Seeing Beyond The Ink’ we talked a little bit about why people get tattoos and the multiple various meanings that a tattoo can convey.

However there are times when things go wrong…terribly wrong!!! Some tattoos are beautiful while others are just…well you will see.

Take a look below at some tattoos that never should have been:

Should Have Gone To SpecSavers


I Wonder What That Is…Oh, Right, It’s A Tattoo…


Really? I Bet You Have…

no regrets

He Even Tattooed His Thumbs 


Wait, What? So I Should Give Up?


Fits Together Perfectly


Why, Just Why?


Is That Your Ex’s Name I See There?


Please Can I Have A Patrick Swayze Centaur.


The Resemblance Is Uncanny!


Have You Got A Tattoo You Regret?

If you have a tattoo that you regret then we can help. Have a look at our Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment page for more information.

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