Say Bye to Your Pigmentation with Our Advanced Laser Treatment

All skin has some pigmentation; it’s what creates our natural skin colour and tone. But when that pigmentation changes in small areas it can create problems. Various factors cause pigmentation issues and the most common causes of hyperpigmentation (too much pigment) are sun exposure, skin damage and certain medical conditions such as Lupus and Rosacea.

Acne can leave discoloured patches behind as spots and pimples heal, injuries can also create red, purple or brownish pigmentation on your skin…and because we all want flawless, smooth skin this isn’t good!

The First Step – Consultation

The first step towards working with us and taking advantage of our Advanced Laser Treatment for pigmentation is to book a consultation. This is to allow our expert practitioners a chance to inspect your skin and to discuss your medical history with you. At your consultation you will be asked about what medication you take on a regular basis and about your general health. You may have a patch test performed as a way of safeguarding you against any reactions. The treatment will be explained to you in-depth so that you fully understand the process and what it involves.

Next We Can Formulate A Plan & Get You Treated

Once we know what your skin issue is, then we can formulate a plan so that we can help you to say bye to your pigmentation for good!

Laser treatment for pigmentation is not especially uncomfortable to undergo; most people liken the sensation to that of an elastic band being “pinged” against their skin. The recovery time is very speedy too and most people only experience a small amount of redness immediately following a session.

The lasers we use are so highly accurate that they can penetrate to exactly the depth required for the laser light to reach the area to be treated; the pigmentation is then “shattered” by the light and the skin around the area remains unaffected.

Sometimes a number of sessions are required to see full resolution…in the case of a large birthmark for instance. But for age spots, freckles and light sun damage only a few treatments will be needed.

If you’ve reached the end of the road with pigmentation, don’t wait any longer; book an appointment for a chat and you will be waving your problem skin goodbye very soon!



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