Quick Guide To Hair Removal

Hair Removal Options

Summer is finally here. Its thats time of year when people jet off on their summer hols, unearth their BBQ from under the clutter in the shed and wear short-sleeve t-shirts, shorts, dresses and bikinis.

If you haven’t already done so it’s time to remove them unwanted hairs. So you have a few options available to you, but which one is best?

1) Shaving

2) Waxing

3) Hair removal cream

4) Bleaching

5) Plucking

6) Laser Hair Removal

Below we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The ratings shown below are only an approximation as some peoples hair grows a lot quicker or slower than others.

Days Till Re-Growth: 1 (sometimes less)

Cost Score: 8/10

Efficiently Rating: 2/10

Well this method is probably the most commonly used technique used by both men and women to keep their hairs from getting out of control.


• Very quick

• inexpensive and painless (well unless you have a blunt blade)


• Can cause irritation

• If your shaving skills with the blade are not the greatest you can end up with cuts to your face, legs and arms

• Only a day later stubbly re-growth can be seen

Days Till Re-Growth: 2-4 weeks

Cost Score: 6/10

Efficiently Rating: 7/10

Waxing works by removing the hair from deep within the root. Waxing can be done in the comfort for your own home or you can get it done at a salon.


• Good results (compared to shaving)

• Re-growth is quite slow


• Painful – seriously this method hurts

• Can cause in-growing hairs

• Red patches on skin

• If the wax is too hot you can burn your skin

Days Till Re-Growth: 2-7 days

Cost Score: 7/10

Efficiently Rating: 3.5/10

I am sure you have all read the reviews on Amazon about what can happen when men use hair removal cream. This product works as it contains chemicals that dissolve the hairs at the root.


• Painless (if used correctly)

• Softer re-growth than other methods such as shaving


• Not the most efficient

• Can get very messy

• Can cause irritation on sensitive skin

• Doesn’t have the most pleasant of fragrances.

Days Till Re-Growth: n/a

Cost Score: 7/10

Efficiently Rating: n/a

Ok so bleaching doesn’t remove your hair however it is used by mostly woman to hide small areas of hair like above the lip.


• No razors, wax kits or cream = no pain


• Can only really be used on small areas

• If you have dark skin this method isn’t really effective

Days Till Re-Growth: 2-4 weeks

Cost Score: 10/10

Efficiently Rating: 7/10

This method is usually avoided by the majority as it involves plucking out hairs one by one which as you will have guessed is quite painful. However if you feel like you want to use this ‘old school’ method makes sure you have plenty of free time on your hands as this is going to take you a while.


• Accurate

• Cost effective


• Very painful

• Time consuming

• Can cause scaring if done wrong

Days Till Re-Growth: Dependant on person – while some see re-growth after several years many find they don’t have to shave again. Most people see a 75%-95% hair reduction on the area they have treated

Cost Score: 9/10
(I know what you are thinking but laser hair removal is an investment and after you have completed your treatments you will never have to think about hair removal again).

Efficiently Rating: 9/10
(75%-95% hair reduction)

Laser hair removal is the modern way to remove your unwanted hairs. This method can seem quite costly upon initial inspection however this should be seen as an investment as after your treatments laser hair removal works out cheaper then most of the above methods in the long run saving a lot of money.


• Safe

• Quick

• Very effective


• Expensive in short term

• Several treatments are needed.


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