Quick Christmas Beauty Tips

Christmas Beauty Tips

The nights are getting progressively darker, Home Alone will soon dominate our TV screens and John Lewis has released yet another award winning advert which can only mean one thing…it’s nearly CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Christmas is only around the corner and with it will come all the festive parties and family get-togethers. Below we have put together some simple beauty tips to help you look your best this Christmas

Christmas eye makeup

Eye Makeup

Party makeup is very important and smudges and smears are a no no! In order or to keep your eye shadow from venturing apply it first before any foundation and other makeup you wish to use.

Another great eye makeup tip is to use a plastic spoon when applying mascara on your bottom lashes. By placing the spoon face down on your cheek just below your lashes you can easily apply the mascara without getting any on your skin.


During the busy Christmas period time is something not in abundance. The key to looking your best is to master the simple hair styles – take the simple up do for example, it looks stylish and most importantly it is very quick to do.


I think it goes without saying that red will be the chosen colour used on your lips. Since you will be doing a lot of eating and drinking it is important to choose a long lasting lipstick as the last thing you want is to be constantly re-applying it. Also since its Christmas add a bit of sparkle – using some glitter and give your lips some Christmas sparkle.

Glowing Skin

One thing that you love but your skin hates is alcohol! Alcohol dehydrates the skin leaving it dull and lifeless. Usually a simple moisturiser would work wonders however with the large amount of alcohol that will mostly be being consumed, some cleansing milk containing hylauronic acid is a must.


Sleepy Eyes

Dancing away to your favourite Christmas tunes will inevitably take its toll. Eye creams can take the edge off however a gentle eye massage can help to prevent puffy eyes. To do this first rub your hands together to warm them up. Make sure to massage in and around the  eye sockets as well as stimulating the pressure points around the eyes.

Vitamin C Rejuvenation Facial

If you would like to give your skin an added boost a Vitamin C Rejuvenation treatment will improve the appearance of your skin in just a single session. This treatment:

  • makes skin appear clearer, tighter and more youthful
  • improves and nourishes the delicate eye area
  • targets deep levels of the skin to promote renewal process
  • targets the outer layer of the skin by removing unwanted dead skin cells
  • provides instant results that can last for 2 months,

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