Questions to ask at your Laser Hair Removal consultation

If you’ve already managed to learn a little bit about the treatment and have taken our guidance in finding a great laser hair removal clinic in London, the next step is likely to be the consultation. Booking a consultation in advance of the treatment is usually a required and typically free. The consultation allows the clinic to best assess your needs and make sure that you are suitable to have laser hair removal treatments. For you, it’s a chance to see the clinic, meet the therapists and ask any other questions before making any final decision.

So, in light of this, this week’s blog article focuses on some ‘must-ask’ questions that you can put towards your practitioner when you get to the consultation.

Can I have Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Perhaps the most obvious and critical question is whether your skin and or hair type is suitable. With advanced technology most people can have laser hair removal however there are some instances where laser hair removal treatment is not recommended.  For example, white hair with no melanin cannot be targeted by any laser and therefore is not suitable to be removed via the laser hair removal process. Within the consultation process a free patch test is offered where we expose a small area of your skin to laser light. This also helps to calibrate the machine so that we can achieve the very best results bespoke to your skin and hair. It may be that you need laser hair removal for darker skin, again at Premier Laser we have invested in state-of-the-art technology so we can accommodate a variety of skin and hair colour and types.

How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

Laser hair removal can cost from £44 to £3000 depending on which provider you choose, the area of treatment and how many sessions you’re planning to undertake. For example, if you have laser hair removal for your earlobes, nose or eyebrows it can cost as little as £44 for a session. If you want a full body (top to toe) package, then it can cost £2140 with our current special offers. Be sure to take a look at our laser hair removal pricing page for all of our latest costs.

What Laser Hair Removal technology / machines do you use?

Finding out what technology clinics use will give you a good indication about the quality of the clinic. If a clinic has a wide variety of lasers and regularly keep them up to date, it shows that they care about delivering the very best customer care, comfort and results. If the clinic is using a machine that is relatively old and unfavourably reviewed online, it may be a warning sign to look elsewhere. London Premier Laser regularly invests in the very best technology to ensure client comfort and results. You can take a look at our advanced laser hair removal technology online.

What are the side effects of Laser Hair Removal?

As mentioned before, we always undertake a patch test to check for any potential side effects or reactions to the laser. No clinic will claim that laser hair removal is totally pain free and without side effects. Some customers do experience slightly reddened skin after treatment, but this usually subsides very quickly within a few hours.  The pain of treatment has been likened to a rubber band ‘ping’ and is deemed much more painless than alternative hair removal options such as waxing.

How many Laser Hair Removal treatments am I likely to need?

Some customers may require multiple treatments before they see full results, some may require fewer. It all depends on your skin, hair, technology and area of the body. That’s why it’s important to always get an estimate after your patch test so that you can at least have a realistic expectation of the results.  Typically the average person will require around 6-8 sessions for the full effects however hair reduction is noted even after the first session.  Laser hair removal process uses multiple sessions as it’s important to catch all the hairs at the correct stage of the hair growth cycle.

Even if you have a consultation booked elsewhere and just want some guidance, always feel free to get in touch with our team. We have over a decade of experience, the very latest technology and are incredibly competitive with pricing. Contact us online, by phone or in clinic today.

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