Princess Sofia Had Laser Tattoo Removal

Everyone has a past, and for most it’s easy to move on from it, forget about it and move forward. However, for some people, they are reminded of their past every single day, in the form of a permanent tattoo. Tattoos that might be an impulse decision, that may have been done badly by a negligent tattoo artist, or tattoos that remind us of a person or time we have moved on from.

Everyone and anyone can get regrets about their body art. Your average person working in a 9-5 job, all the way up to celebrities and royalty, like Princess Sofia – no one is immune to potential regret.

Princess Sofia has been well known the news since 2010 when she was publicly outed as Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden’s new girlfriend. Since then, Sofia is now engaged to the Prince and is well known as a ‘girl with a past’ after appearing on various reality TV shows and publicly talking about her previous questionable endeavors. As she is set to become part of the royal family, it has become apparent within the last year that Sofia has been prepared by the palace to become a well grounded, acceptable figure within the royal family.

Part of this ‘training’ and ‘preparation’ has involved quite the aesthetic makeover, including a lot of help from well known stylist Camilla Astrand. The fashion expert has gone above and beyond to transform Sofia’s image. Her fringe has been replaced by a much less harsh, softer hairstyle. Her clothes have become more chic, classic and formal. Sofia no longer uses tanning salons, has taken out her naval piercing and she has had the flower tattoo on her right arm removed.

As well as various experts aiding her transformation, Sofia herself has put a lot of effort into becoming a much more giving and exemplary public figure. Helping with various charities and focusing her TV appearances on speaking out about the charity projects she is backing.

We Can’t Make You A Princess, But We Can Make You Look Like One!

Although most of us won’t ever get to become a princess, or indeed get teams of experts helping us transform our image – there are plenty of options to help you if you also have a physical reminder of your past you would like to get rid of. Unwanted tattoos are a common problem and here at Premier Laser, we get a lot of clients visiting us looking to use our advanced laser tattoo removal platform to rid themselves of the marks of the past.

We can safely and successfully remove both black and coloured tattoos using short bursts of controlled light pulses which shatter the ink molecules, allowing them to be reabsorbed into the body. No matter how big, old, new or colourful your tattoo is – we will be able to help you remove it leaving you with clear, clean skin once again enabling you to move forward.


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