Planning for your summer 2012


It may seem a long, long way away – but you should prepare for summer 2012 now. No, this doesn’t mean booking your holiday in the sun just yet (although, you can if you like) but preparing your skin by investing in a permanent hair reduction solution – laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is ideal for any section of your body where you have unwanted or unsightly hair, such as on your legs, armpits, chest or back. Instead of shaving or waxing, having laser hair removal ensures that you have smooth, hairless skin summer after summer.

Preparing for your summer now by getting laser hair removal in the winter will ensure that any red patches clears up in good time after your course of treatments. Sometimes, the skin can be left slightly red where intensive laser removal is required.

Treatment length can vary, but generally you will expect about 6 weeks of regular treatments. This is so that all of your hair will be removed, making it a thorough and cost effective hair removal solution.

Starting now and planning ahead is a great idea, and will get your skin hair free and in perfect shape for those glorious summer months which will be long awaited.

The only thing you’ll need to think about now is, where do you fancy flying off to?

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