Modern Men Embracing Laser Hair Removal

It’s a long time since advertisers have splashed images of hairy chests around the pages of glossy magazines isn’t it? You might remember a few of the old classic ads with particularly hirsute men parading about as they splashed aftershave around like it was going out of fashion? Well things have definitely changed since then and men, young and old are no longer as hairy as they once were.

Why Are Men Less Hairy?

Is this some natural occurrence? No, it’s all to do with fashion and what’s desirable in the mainstream. A quick peek at any one of the many male fashion models in mags today will reveal smooth chests and in some cases, smooth legs. Boy bands are looking more and more hair-free too and even sports stars…those bastions of masculinity are waxing with the best of them!

What’s changed? Why? Are his and her trips to the salon now a reality? Will men be using depilatory cream on themselves just like women do?

Men Find The Perfect Solution In Laser Hair Removal

Probably not; not with laser hair removal around to make light work of those unwanted chest rugs. The great thing about laser hair removal and one of the things which makes it so appealing to men has to be its techno edge…I mean laser beams…how sci fi is that? Shoot lasers at your chest, cure hairiness in an instant! Can’t be any more masculine really can it?

Because men are probably less likely to indulge in regular painful waxings but still want their unwanted body hair dispensed with, laser hair removal clinics are seeing a massive increase in men choosing to book in for their hairy issues.

The Modern Man Is Becoming Hair Free

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about any more either; men are very open about their hair removal habits these days and why not? A smooth chest on a permanent basis has to be a good thing right? It’s not only chests either; arms, legs, backs, necks and even faces are getting the treatment and because it’s so effective, the word is spreading.

Men and hair removal are no longer to be solely associated with razors…those days are long gone!

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