Men’s Laser Hair Removal and the Rise Male Grooming!


The Rise Of Male Grooming

Once upon a time it wasn’t considered “manly” for the male of our species to indulge in anything so self conscious as hair removal…apart from beard maintenance of course! Just a few years ago advertising for men’s hair removal products consisted solely of the most rugged of chaps engaged in some jaw jutting, razor-sharp shaving shenanigans. Today however it’s a vastly different story thanks largely to the huge growth of men’s products in the personal hygiene and cosmetic markets. What caused this growth was as creeping and as stealthy as a five o’clock shadow…it appeared almost unnoticed at some point post nineties rave and pre noughties hipster and it’s a hybrid of youthful boy-band star crossed with superstar athlete; think Harry Styles slash Cristiano Ronaldo and you’re in the right arena….an arena where boys are allowed to cry and to achieve ultimate physical success.

This media-created mixture of pretty-boy/uber-man is a heady one and it’s in part responsible for the increased interest shown by men of all ages in their personal grooming. Is it a bad thing though? Nope! A well groomed man who has the freedom to indulge in facials and to get in touch with his feminine side has to be a good thing. Why shouldn’t men have the pleasure of great products and great treatments when at the end of the day they not only ensure better skin health but more comfortable hair removal and a longer-lasting smoothness?

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Men’s laser hair removal is just one of the areas which have seen an increase in not only sales but also interest and acceptance with more and more men daily making enquiries about laser hair removal. So where exactly are men having their hair lasered…and I don’t mean geographically! The answer to that is just about anywhere there’s hair!

Men’s facial laser hair removal is growing in popularity…especially amongst men who suffer from pseudo folliculitis aka razor bumps! This painful condition is common among men who have curly hair and it’s basically multiple ingrown hairs which can become inflamed and painful and the condition is exacerbated by shaving. As many professional men already know, a clean shave on a daily basis is a given…no turning up to the office with a day’s growth!

No More Shaving…

This is one of the main reasons why many men seek laser hair removal for their facial areas and it’s an extremely popular solution too. The hair is permanently inhibited by the destruction of the hair follicles beneath the skin so men can enjoy the sensation of soft, smooth skin!

Some men are also seeking laser hair removal for chest hair. The smooth look is a particular favourite among the younger generation and it’s not as difficult to achieve baby-soft skin as you might think! Repeated procedures are usually needed as the treatment is done in sections and the hairs must be “caught” at their growing stage but once it’s gone it’s gone and many men report feeling cleaner, more attractive and happier after their hair removal.

So if you’re bored of your beard or feeling churlish about your chest hair then it might be time to look into the permanent removal of the offending pelt once and for all!

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