Manzilian, The Top 5 Benefits of Bikini Hair Removal for Men

The Manzilian, aka ‘boyzilian’, ‘guyzilian’ or ‘manscaping’, whatever you call it is rising in popularity.  Trends suggest laser hair removal in 2019 is no longer a female dominated treatment.  In contrast male hair removal is on the up, so step aside ladies laser hair removal for men is here to stay.

What is a Manzilian?

First things first, just what is a manzilian?  The phrase is a combination of ‘man’ and ‘brazilian’.  The brazilian refers to a style of hair removal that leaves a small strip of hair above the female vagina.  Thus, manzilian was termed to describe the similar style but with reference to male anatomy.

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Historically laser hair removal has long been a beauty treatment linked with women.  However in recent years more men booking appointments to get their own ‘Manzilian’ is rivalling traditional conceptions of the male grooming industry.  First noticed in 2018 (see our male laser hair previous article here) the trend hasn’t stopped.  Similar to Brazilian laser hair removal for women, the Manzilian effectively and permanently removes hair around the pubic region.  The reasoning varies from aesthetic, hygiene, or to prevent side-effects from other hair removal techniques such as ingrown hairs.  Hair removal procedures using a laser has a long-lasting effect in comparison to other methods including shaving, waxing or trimming.  It’s quickly becoming the best option if you want effective results, long-term.  Here are our top 5 benefits of laser hair removal for men.

Top 5 Benefits of a Manzilian

1.  It removes ingrown hairs and prevents razor burn

Say goodbye to unsightly, red ingrown hairs or embarrassing ‘razor rash itch’.  Just 6-8 sessions of laser provides long-term, hair free results.  At most people tend to have an annual 30 minute top-up session to keep those hairs away.

2.  It saves time and money

Its thought traditional methods can cost us over £70,000 in a lifetime.  That is 8-10 full weeks of hair removal labour.  Long-term laser hair reduction takes 6-8, 30 minute sessions and results will render over 90% hair reduction.  A single session costs £50, with packages from just £400 (valid June 2019) here at London Premier Laser .

3.  It is 24/7 hair-free confidence

Planning hair removal prep for holidays is easy to plan, but for those unpredictable life moments, the impromptu skinny dip, strip-poker game or the night you end up without intending to go out-out, whatever life throws your way you have 24/7 hair-free confidence.

4.  Its less painful than alternative methods such as waxing

We all agree waxing can be painful. The hot wax ripped at speed away from our sensitive skin areas, ouch!  While laser hair may be uncomfortable (people describe this as having an elastic band pinged against the skin) it certainly is over quicker, in most areas people describe the hair removal process with lasers as pain-free.

5.  Its kinder to your skin

The benefits also include being kind to the skin.  The laser works by targeting the melanin, or pigment in the hair follicle.  In this manner, the light energy pulses safely destroy the hair follicle at the root, without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin.

For any question regarding the cost of male bikini laser hair removal packages or sessions please visit our laser hair removal pricing page.  Or to book your free consultation or patch test click here.

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