Makeup For Rosacea


If you suffer with rosacea then you will no doubt be aware that whilst there are treatments which can help to ease the symptoms of this skin condition, there is no permanent cure and there is nothing you can do to prevent symptoms from starting.  Using makeup is one option to help hide skin redness however women suffering from rosacea can find it difficult to find suitable cosmetics.  Here are some tips for how to choose and use make up when you have rosacea:

Clean & Moisturise

Before applying any make up onto your skin, ensure that you have used a cleanser and a moisturiser.  Choose the right products for your skin, you don’t want anything which is too harsh.

Oil-Free & Simple Make Up

If you have problem skin then you are going to want to avoid putting on too many products as this can often just aggravate skin further.  Keep the amount of make up your apply to a minimum and also ensure that any make up you do apply is oil-free to avoid clogging your pores.  Mineral make up is a great solution as it offers perfect coverage but doesn’t contain the ingredients which can often cause skin irritation.  There are even mineral powder formulas which have been created specifically to cover up redness in the skin.

Before trying out a new make up, always test it on a small patch of skin initially; the neck or the arm are good options.  Make sure that there is no irritation of the skin at all, before applying it to your face.

Go Green

No, we aren’t talking about environmentally!  A green-tinted base or primer is a perfect choice for people who suffer with rosacea; it visually corrects any redness and evens out skin tone.  Applying a primer also helps your make up to last longer so you don’t have to worry about reapplying whilst you are out and about.

Have the Right Tools

Anti-bacterial brushes are ideal for applying make up to skin and should avoid unnecessary clogging of pores.  Where possible, avoid using your fingers as the oils and bacteria can irritate skin and clog pores with dirt.

Whatever you do to your face, make sure you do it gently.  From washing to applying the make up with brushes, make sure that you do so softly to avoid exacerbating any irritation which will lead to more redness in the skin.


Try to avoid extra products such as blusher and lipstick.  As your skin already has a lot of colour, you may not need to use any blusher at all.  If you do feel like you want to wear blusher, apply it sparingly.  Likewise, when it comes to lipstick, opt for neutral colours which will compliment your skin, rather than highlighting any redness.

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