Laser hair removal service

Laser hair removal service

If you are looking for laser hair removal services how do you know which clinic to choose?. Every clinic will claim to offer the best service, best price or both. How do you go beyond the claims to find out the truth?, so you can make the right decision and get the right results for you.

What makes the best laser hair removal service?

For most people looking to start laser hair removal for the first time means talking to friends and family, checking out social media and doing research to find a good reputable clinic.

Researching online, visiting clinic websites, comparing prices for packages and reading reviews will all help you make the right decision.

  • But what should you look out for?
  • Should you choose by price alone?
  • What other things the price be considered?

laser hair removalWhat to look out for

Conveniently located

You will want to find a reputable clinic that is close by so you don’t have to travel far for your appointments. This will make it easier to stay committed to your treatments. Cancelling and rescheduling appointments because the clinic is difficult to get to will severely impact your laser hair removal results.

Not affecting the hair cycle

This is because when you start with laser hair removal the treatments will eventually synchronise with your hair growth cycle. Only hairs in the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle can be destroyed at every session. So youl lose 10-15% of your hair per treatment. By having appointments every 6-8 weeks, as advised by your practitioner, this will ensure hairs in the anagen cycle will be destroyed.

Missing or cancelling appointments will affect your hair cycle and therefore results.

Top of the range lasers

To guarantee the best laser hair removal service you will need to choose a clinic with the top of the range lasers. Cheap lasers can be purchased over the internet for a fraction of the cost of the FDA approved lasers used in reputable clinics and should be avoided at all costs.

The brands to look out for are Candela and Cynosure. Ask if your clinic uses these brands. They are the same powerful grade 4 lasers used in hospitals and are the Rolls Royce of the laser hair removal world.

Expert practitioners will provide a better service

Technology alone does not guarantee results. Skilled expert practitioners can make or break your treatment. Many of the newer franchise clinics now operating in the UK are opening new clinics at a rapid rate. In order to find practitioners they often recruit straight from beauty college. These practitioners will often lack the experience of more experienced practitioners. The can potentially put you and your treatment at risk then if you were to have a more experienced practitioner treating you.

Experienced practitioners will have treated customer with all skin types and tones form light to dark . They will have the knowledge and expertise to work with you during your treatment and tailor the treatments for maximum effect. They will also know when to adjust settings to give you the best results at every session. Inexperienced staff will not.

laser hair removal serviceLaser hair removal customer service

If you are committed to do everything possible to get the best results and have found a clinic with the latest technology, experienced practitioners and conveniently located so you can get to your appointments easily, the final part to consider is the customer service levels and price

Great laser hair removal customer service

Laser hair removal can run in to hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, so you want to feel like a valued customer by a clinic. When attending your consultation for your patch test, which all clinics are required to do, it is a great opportunity to scrutinise the clinic on many levels.

First impressions

If you are made to wait for your consultation and you are seen 15-20 minutes late it is usually not a good sign. This will probably happen repeatedly if you decide to go ahead with the clinic for your laser treatment. As the saying goes – first impressions last. Being made to wait 15-30 minutes for every appointment is not very professional or respectful of your time.

Friendly and professional service

Also the friendliness, professionalism and attentiveness of the staff and your practitioner is important. Are they focused on you?, listening to your needs and concerns?. Are you made to feel comfortable or is their focus on selling you packages and extra treatments you don’t need?. Do you feel rushed?.

high quality service locationsSurroundings

The clinic should also be impeccably clean and modern. This should go without saying!. If you notice it is a bit drab and dated, in need of refurbishment and they are using older technology, it may be a sign the clinic is in trouble.

Would you trust paying thousands in advance when you don’t know if it will be operating next month and you lose your money?.

This is where your research will kick in. Knowing how long the clinic has operated for, levels of cleanliness and recent investment in technology can all be reassuring signs.

Finally, if you have found a clinic you believe would do a great job you will want to pay a fair price.

Laser Prices v Service levels

Going for the cheapest option will mean the clinic has had to cut corners somewhere. It could be with investment in technology or with small details like saving costs using baby wipes instead of using high quality medical wipes or not having relevant insurance or an up to date epi pen in case of an emergency.

Lower prices lead to clinics taking short cuts. These short cuts may put you at risk or at the very least means you will not receive the highest quality treatment available.

Most people are happy to pay a fair price for good quality treatment and understand that cheap will often mean short cuts being taken.


It may mean being seen 30 minutes late every appointment as a cheap clinic may be busy and unable to stick to appointments. Or you may feel like you are treated like number and not valued customer. Staff used to attracting a cheaper clientele may have to put up with rude clients daily, and treat you similarly.

price matching & finance

After you have done your research you may have a number clinics to choose from. If you are shopping around some clinics are happy to price match. At Premier Laser we price match against other clinics. We only ask you to provide and emailed quote from the clinic. Lots of clinics have one price online, to attract you, but when you attend a consultation the price will be much higher. We price match as long as the clinic is using the same top of the range lasers we do.

Also many clinics offer finance and attractive payment plans which may be important to you so is worth fully exploring you options.

Final thoughts

We hope this will help you find the best laser hair removal service for you. There are many factors to consider other then just the price.  We hope this will help you find the right service provider for you.

It is important you start your laser hair removal journey knowing you have made the best decision possible and not ending up disappointed and out of pocket after your treatment.

looking for ‘laser hair removal service near me?’

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