Laser Hair Removal Not Just For Women


Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction solution to an ongoing problem. However, it is not just for women although this is the common conception. Men too have ongoing hair growth issues, on their face, back and chest. They have to shave every few days. Many men have laser hair removal, such as Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight who has quite dark coarse hair and who also had his ear hair laser removed, in order to look more “clean cut” and hair free.

Laser hair removal is possible for both men and women as it involves a laser which eradicates the hair from its root, so that it is less able to grow back. By investing in something that will give you back time, you no longer need to spend those mornings shaving or waxing. This trend started with celebrities but more recently, the public have also started to see the benefits and invested in the treatment.

Laser hair removal gives men and women the chance to have healthier looking skin. Our skin looks a lot healthier, silkier and smoother when shaven. Often when unshaven, it is not moisturised leaving it dry and looking unkempt. With today’s society focusing on appearance everywhere we look, it is never far from a person’s mind, especially during summer, that they need to have great looking skin.

For women, having hair free legs in summer is a very attractive prospect. This means no more worrying about shaving when on holiday, or when you are getting ready in the morning.

For a lot of men and women, spending money on razors every few weeks is annoying and with money being tight for everyone, a more permanent and worthwhile solution would be far more beneficial.

In order for this procedure to take full effect, you have to attend a number of laser hair removal sessions which depends on the area being treated. This may take up to six months with a session once a month, or it might be once every couple of weeks. This will be discussed with your specific clinic.

The treatment is pain free, with many saying it just feels like an elastic band snapping on the skin while the laser is in action. A common laser hair removal side effect includes reddening of the area afterwards, but this will clean up in a matter of hours and you can return to your normal activities in no time.

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