Laser Hair Removal For Red Hair – Does It Work?


Laser Hair Removal On Red Hair

Having red hair means you stand out in the crowd a lot, which is a great thing if you have beautiful strawberry blonde hair or flowing copper locks. All redhead shades are now very popular for people when they want to dye their hair. However, what about the people who have natural red hair and have to deal with the day to day management?

Due to red hair being very noticeable, it makes this even more so for body hair, which is the total opposite to what people want. Even if a little bit of leg hair is growing, you will be able to see it easily. This makes hair removal very complicated for people with red hair and constantly shaving or waxing every week can cause irritation, making your almost as red as your hair. There have been many myths that redheads can’t have laser hair removal treatments because the hair itself is too light. Before you wonder, there is no point in dying your hair, because it’s colouring the surface of the follicle, not actually changing the colour which is down to your genetics. This is a problem which has been circulating for quite a while in different clinics. However, with improved technology and methods, such as combining laser and radio waves, this will work better on the hair follicles, then making it easier to get rid of. We will talk with you about what the best method is for your hair colour and how often you would need to have the laser hair removal treatment repeated. Here are some tips if for red hair laser hair removal.

    • We are not going to lie, laser hair removal for red hair is more difficult then treating someone with darker hair. However people with red hair have seen good results in the past with the ever improving laser hair removal technology. Make sure to book a consultation and receive a FREE patch test in order to find out if laser hair removal would be effective for you.
    • Before your laser hair removal treatment, try not to wax, pluck or tweeze hair for at least four weeks – shaving is allowed. The hair must be present in the follicle for the treatment to work. Remember, after hair removal, you may feel as if you can see hair growing. This isn’t the case, this only happens because your hair is shedding in that particular area after the treatment.
  • Whatever you do, don’t forget about sun cream. Yes, it might still be winter weather but with red heads having very pale skin, you are more likely to experience skin irritation. This means that your skin could become a little irritated after laser hair removal treatments. Plus, afterwards, you could damage your skin due to the sun, even if there’s only a bit of brightness peaking through on a cloudy day. To avoid this, make sure you use SPF 30 and higher on your skin daily if you are showing your arms and legs. This is especially important for your face.

To discover other facts before considering laser hair removal, you are more than welcome to book a FREE consultation with a specialist so you can learn more about your particular hair colour and how we can make the treatment more effective for you.

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