Laser Ear Hair Removal

Your ear hair can now be history thanks to laser hair removal. Todays lasers can target ear hair so you never have to worry about those embarrassing stray hairs again.

  • No more having to always be on the look out for unwanted hairs as they seem to sprout overnight and grow rapidly!.
  • No more trying to remove them with tweezers, ear hair trimmers or even your razor when shaving.
  • No more being embarrassed by discovering stray ear hairs after an important meeting or on social ocassions.

This peace of mind alone is worth every penny you spend on laser hair removal. We will get to prices soon.

Can you do laser hair removal on ears?

The answer is a resounding yes!. Ear hair removal can be done with a number of hair removal methods including waxing and hair removal creams but nothing is effective as getting rid of your ear hair then laser.

With other methods you will have to perform them regularly too. With laser, permanent hair removal is possible. Laser light destroys the hair follicle of individual hairs so your ear hair will not grow back.

Laser also works on body hair, facial hair including nose hairs and is effective on all hair types and skin tone.

ear hair laser hair removal

mens ear hair removal

Across our London clinics we mainly see men who have laser hair removal treatments on their ears.

Men ranging from their early twenties to older.

Unfortunately for men they can lose hair on their heads but hair growth everywhere keeps on flourishing and seems to grow faster the older you get.

Outer ear hair can grow around the front and back of the ear and even in the ear canal. From the earlobe or lobule and tragus , around the outer helix and antihelix and the scapha and antihelical fold.

For those of you who are not ear experts it is basically all the parts of your outer ear where hair can sprout from.

Does ear hair grow back?

Laser hair removal on the ears can remove hair by up to 90%. These results are achievable after completing a course of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal for the ears is cannot be done in one session with your ear hair never to return.

Six to eight sessions are required to make sure all the hairs are destroyed. This is because the laser can only kill around 15 per cent of your hair every session.

Hairs have to be in the growth phase to be destroyed. Only 15 per cent are in the growth phase at any one time.

Your appointment will also be spread around six weeks apart to make sure the laser can kill and destroy all the hairs in the ‘anagen’ or growth phase.

So if you are thinking about removing your ear hair by laser expect the treatment to be completed in around 30 weeks if you have six sessions or up to 42 weeks if you have 8 sessions. This is assuming you do not miss or have to reschedule any appointments which would mean longer.

ear laser hair removal

How much does laser hair removal cost for ears?

Most clinics offer a pay as you go service as well as selling packages. Packages work out a lot cheaper and it is unlikely that your ear hair will be gone in 1 or 2 sessions.

Prices in London are around:

£40 – 50 for pay as you go sessions

£25-£30 each when you purchase 6 sessions

£20-£25 when you purchase 8 sessions

At Premier Laser our prices are as follows:

Ears –     PAYG @ £44           6 @ £26              8 @ £22 

Next steps if you live in London

If you are looking for ear laser hair removal and live in London why not book into a free consultation and take the first step today to be ear hair free

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