It’s All About The Bottoms This Summer!



Its All About The Bottoms

Bottoms Are The New Black

This summer is officially all about bottoms! You might even say that bottoms are the new black! They’re certainly appearing everywhere and in all kinds of shapes and sizes as celebrities find all kinds of excuses to flash their flesh. A combination of teeny tiny bikinis, cropped to the max shorts and low riding evening wear have conspired to throw this most neglected of body parts well and truly into the spotlight

It’s All About Being Smooth

The beautiful thing about this fad is that it doesn’t matter if your bottom is big or small, as long as it’s smooth! You can be the owner of an enormous peach like Kim Kardashian or a mini botty like Kylie Minogue as long as you’re cellulite free! We’re entering a new age…one where no particular body type is the fashion or the accepted “norm” and this is a wonderful thing…your body is what it is and that’s something to celebrate!

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What Can I Do To Get My Bum In Shape?

Summer is the optimum time for paying attention to your posterior and if you’ve been somewhat neglectful of that area then don’t worry because it’s never to late to try to rectify things!

A good exfoliating routine is a great first step towards a smooth bottom and will go some way towards helping to minimize cellulite. There are also some revolutionary new treatments available in the shape of fat dissolving injections which literally break down and dissolve fat cells which are then passed through urination and also Tri-Active cellulite treatment which is the first clinically proven medical device for the treatment of cellulite.

Tri-Active Treatment 

Tri-Active is causing a lot of excitement among legions of women who’d like to improve the appearance of not only their bottoms but also stomachs, faces, thighs and any other body part that’s less than toned.  The method is simple and combines a diode laser and tissue mobilization and suction…simply put that means that fat cells are zapped with a laser whilst being shifted out of their comfy little resting places at the same time!

The skin’s surface is re-contoured and fat cells are shrunk during the process; most people have more than one session and the results are astounding with visible shrinkage in the areas targeted.

If you are going to sport a bikini this summer then get in contact with us or visit one of our clinics to learn about the fabulous treatments currently available …they really have moved on in recent years and the results have to be seen to be believed!

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