Is Tattoo Removal Safe? 5 Methods Reviewed


If you’re thinking about tattoo removal then no doubt you will also have been thinking about the safety aspects of the various tattoo removal methods that are available.

Firstly it is important to remember that your skin is an organ in its own right…the largest you have in fact and that the care of it is very important. Your skin is your protection and it reflects you general health…it deserves the best care and treatment you can find!

laser tattoo removal5 tattoo removal methods

The 5 various methods of tattoo removal currently available are listed here with pros and cons to their outcomes; making an informed decision is vital in your quest to remove your old ink and start again with a clean canvass.


Is salabrasion safe?

The short answer to this question is not really. Salabrasion utilises nothing fancier than salt and water in the removal of tattoos. By rubbing the surface of the skin until it is raw and revealing the ink in the lower dermis, practitioners hope to remove tattoos with ease but in reality the risk of infection is quite high and t is a very painful process with a high risk of scarring. Talk about rubbing salt into your wounds!


Is dermabrasion safe for the removal of tattoos?

Dermabrasion is a generally safe treatment as it is so carefully managed in good clinics but it is not generally seen as the best method for removing tattoos. Because many tattoos are created at varying depths, dermabrasion is seen as not being precise enough to be fully successful and there are often traces of green and yellow ink left behind.

3.Surgical Excision:

Is surgical excision of tattoos safe?

This method is safe in general as it is usually carried out by a surgeon but the risks are high. Infection, heavy scarring and skin discolouration are common.


Is Cryosurgery for tattoo removal a safe option?

Again, this is a method usually carried out by doctors and so it can be assumed to be safe in general. However, it is quite a “rough” method of removal in that first the area to be treated is frozen…given a localised frostbite…and then dermabrasion is carried out on this area.

The idea is the extreme cold will toughen the skin and make the dermabrasion more effective. The reality is that Cryosurgery can only reach to a certain depth and the risks of infection and scarring are great.

5.Laser Tattoo Removal:

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

Of all the methods most often used today, laser therapy is the most popular and the least risky. Lasers don’t break the skin and they don’t cause scabs or infections. Because the lasers break down the ink by penetrating the skin with no cutting, the treatment is almost pain-free.

The after-care process is much simpler than with the methods discussed above and the success rate on all colours of ink is extremely high.

In conclusion

When compared to other techniques, Laser Tattoo Removal treatments are far safer and also more successful due to the superior penetration and non-invasive approach.

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