Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?


A common question which is commonly asked is “does laser hair removal hurt?”. Having a laser hair removal treatment may cause slight discomfort to the individual; however the majority do not find it painful at all and most cope very well.

In most cases, more pain is usually experienced from tweezing, shaving and most of all waxing. These are only temporary solutions to removing hair with a dose of pain each time, whereas with laser hair removal, the procedure will guarantee a more permanent effect with only mild discomfort. Many compare it to an elastic band snapping against the skin.

This treatment will help you to remove body hair from areas out of your reach and any large or small areas where hair is unwanted or unsightly. For those of you with coarse hair and fair skin with dark hair this treatment will be most beneficial to you.

There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to laser hair removal.

The process of this treatment is as follows;

  • Areas where there is unwanted hair will be shaved and cleaned and an anaesthetic will be applied to the area, making this procedure as comfortable as possible.
  •  After this, beams of highly concentrated light will be activated, absorbing pigments located in the hair follicles. This then damages the surrounding follicles. When the laser has been activated you will feel an initial tingling sensation which indicates that the process is about to begin, through this procedure a variety of tingling sensations will be felt at each of the stages.
  • With this, the technician doing the procedure will also apply another topical anaesthetic to the area being treated, which will minimize these sensations. However, most people do not even need this anaesthetic; this is purely to make this session as comfortable for you as possible.
  • This procedure can last a few minutes to up to an hour, all dependent on the area that is being treated and will usually need to be repeated for 4-6 sessions, taking place every month.
  • Reactions may include redness and swelling around the area being treated, which usually disappears in a short time and people can return to everyday life activities almost instantly.

As you can see from the above, treatments are comfortable and nothing to be afraid of. Make sure you get the sessions to be held by an experienced technician that is certified in doing this and the clinic you are visiting are using an up to date laser hair removal system.

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