Is Laser Hair Removal Painful for you?

Laser hair removal has been massively popular in recent years owing to more and more people realising what an effective, affordable and successful treatment it actually is. Not only is laser hair removal perfect for the facial area but many people are choosing to have other parts of their bodies treated.

The leg, underarm and stomach areas are all popular spots for treatment and with so many people making enquiries, it stands to reason that they’re also interested in the big issue…does it hurt?

The short answer is no; this is because laser hair removal is non-invasive. There are no needles and no cuts involved…no down-time and no dressings. Laser hair removal works with the introduction of strong, laser light to the hair follicles and this light destroys the follicles in situe without affecting any surrounding skin or tissue.

The lasers can be directed so precisely because they are extremely fine; because laser light is so strong you might be forgiven for thinking that it would hurt or burn…but it doesn’t. Many of today’s laser equipment incorporates cooling devices which blow a constant stream of cold air onto the spot being treated and others utilise gels which will cool and calm the skin.

The sensation most people report feeling during a session of laser hair removal is a warm, tingling or flicking feeling…not unlike an elastic band being “pinged” onto the skin.

Even sensitive areas such as your upper lip, underarm or bikini line may be treated as painlessly as your legs or arms.

Laser hair removal is non invasive, comfortable and relaxing to undergo. Most people will be advised to stay out of the sun for a day or so following a treatment but that is usually the extent of the necessary aftercare.

Is laser hair removal the perfect treatment for the permanent removal of hair? It’s highly possible! With only a few sessions required for many people, the permanent and painless removal of hair is a great thing! Speak to a practitioner today to learn more about the procedure and about how you can benefit from this amazing treatment today.

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