Increase in Male Hair Removal for the Beard Area


While growing a beard can give you a certain rugged appeal, you may want a smoother look. You may want to streamline your daily routine. Or maybe you just hate shaving or trimming or the hairs that creep too far up on your face. Whatever the case, laser hair removal is an exceptional solution.

Why Opt for Hair Removal?

When it comes to hair removal, women have traditionally made up the majority of the clientele. That is changing: Increasing numbers of men want hair removal for the beard area:

  • It helps with folliculitis. This is a skin condition in which the follicles become inflamed. It causes small bumps, which look like pimples, to form. They can be red and itchy, and they can even spread into crusty sores. Permanent laser hair removal can help men deal with this bothersome problem.
  • It’s great for shaping. Some men want a neat beard. They can choose to have laser hair removal on just the neck or if their beards come up too high on their cheeks.
  • It saves masses of time. If you’re sick of daily shaving, and nicks, this is the solution for which you’ve been searching!
  • Laser hair removal is ideal for transgender people. This technique works for preoperative and postoperative clients who wish to achieve a smooth, hairfree appearance.

Beards are typically thick, which makes them difficult to remove with waxing or depilatory methods. Not to mention painful! Laser hair removal is ideal for permanently reducing this stubborn hair with minimal discomfort.

More men are opting for permanent hair removal in the beard area. Whether you want to deal with folliculitis or simply hate shaving, consider this effective solution. Contact us for a consultation, and we can get started!


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