Hyperpigmentation vs. Melasma – What’s the Difference?


You notice them every time you look in the mirror – they’re dark spots that just never seem to go away. A quick online search to learn more about what they are is likely to reveal two terms with which you may not be familiar – hyperpigmentation and melasma. What are these conditions, and which one are you fighting right now?

Hyperpigmentation is a fairly common skin condition. It affects millions of people across the globe each year. It’s completely harmless, but you’ll typically notice it right off. Patches of your skin become darker than normal in colour. It happens when too much melanin, a brown pigment that is typical in your body, creates as small deposit under the surface of the skin. The result is those uneven patches you notice in the mirror.

Hyperpigmentation comes in many different varieties, and melasma is one of those. Sometimes called chloasma spots, melasma involves large areas of darkened skin. It’s usually a direct result of hormonal changes. Pregnant women often notice them, as do women who are on birth control. Melasma patches can appear almost anywhere. Most people develop them on their cheeks, across their noses, on their chins, or on their upper lips. These patches might also appear on the forearms or the neck.

Treatment Options

Whether you’re suffering with melasma or another form of hyperpigmentation, you don’t have to deal with the discolouration. You do have options. Your best first option is to use better protection every time you head out into the sun. The sun will only make those discolourations appear darker. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen, and reapply frequently if you plan to be in the sun for some time.

Beyond that, though, you can even your skin tone with two of our top treatments – our Cosmelan Peel or our Laser Pigmentation Removal service.

  • Cosmelan is the leading depigmentation peel. It works to even out your skintone and remove all pigmentation. The treatment has an efficiency rate of up to 95% when treating pigmentation and dark spots.
  • Laser pigmentation removal uses wavelengths of light that shatters the discolouration and uses the body’s lymphatic system to remove them. You’ll see results within just a few sessions, and there are very few side effects.

Stop staring at those spots in the mirror and do something about them! Book with us today.

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