Hydrafacial Side Effects

Hydrafacial is one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry today. Every celebrity, social media star and influencer seems to be talking about it.

What nobody is asking though is….

What are Hydrafacial side effects?

When it comes to your skin, and especially your face, you want to know you are doing the right thing. Because a facial worked wonders for an Instagrammer, it doesn’t mean it will work wonders for you.

And nobody wants to hide away because of a bad breakout or flaky skin.

If you have read online Hydrafacial reviews they are totally positive.

In fact, Hydrafacial is one of the most positively reviewed treatments in the aesthetics world, with thousands of 5 star approval ratings.

Still this doesn’t mean it will work for you.

hydrafacial side effects 

So what are the Hydrafacial side effects?

Major negative side effects are rare.

Some people have reported having an allergic reaction to certain ingredients. This should all be discussed at your consultation to avoid any issues.

Because Hydrafacial is a non-invasive procedure using hydradermabrasion, (which means it uses water and suction to clean and clear the skin) it is well tolerated by most people.

It will not cause rashes, inflammation, or peeling as seen with other facials or skincare products. With no irritation, you can apply make-up right after. Following aftercare advice will extend the results of your Hydrafacial and reduce the risk of any side effects.

Hydrafacial advice

To limit any negative side effects of a Hydrafacial your practitioner should explain to you the following points in more detail during your consultation.

  • Advice should include avoiding sun exposure, sunbed or tanning sprays or fake tan for 3 to 6 weeks before your treatment.
  • Cold sore sufferers are advised to start prophylactic anti-viral therapy before treatment.
  • Avoiding strong topical creams (Retin-A, glycolics, etc.) for a week before and after treatment.
  • Delaying using stronger topical retinoid (Vit A derivatives) creams for 2 days after your treatment

Failure to follow these guideline could see you experience an adverse side effects to your Hydrafacial.


Side effects

  1. You may experience increased bruising if you are on blood thinners or aspirin.
  2. If you have recently used Retin-A or retinoid your skin may be more sensitive and red.
  3. After the procedure your skin may feel a bit sensitive for a couple of hours afterwards.
  4. You may experience minor swelling of or around your eyes or lips.
  5. During the treatment you may feel a cool and soothing scrub-like sensation.
  6. Some feel a slight tingling sensation during the application of the light chemical peel

If you were hoping to read horror stories and warnings about Hydrafacial,the evidence is not there. (See medical references at the end of this page with links to studies.)

It is a gentle procedure, suitable for all ages and all skin types regardless of your age or colour of your skin.

 Who should not have a HydraFacial?

  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding,
  • If you have recently had light or laser treatment, chemical peel, facial steroid injection, cosmetic injectables, recent microdermabrasion, facial waxing, surgical procedure, sun burn, skin infection or recent changes in growths or moles in the area treated area.

You should defer treatment If you have any of the following active or unstable medical conditions :

  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • autoimmune disease
  • diabetes

Read through our positive top 10 side effects of a Hydrafacial….

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The 10 Biggest Hydrafacial Side Effects

1.No discomfort

Hydrafacial is a non-laser, non-invasive and non-ablative treatment, making it virtually painless. It is often described as having your face lightly massaged.

2.Even Complexion

Antioxidants in Hydrafacial serums can address a number of skin concerns as well as rejuvenating worn out  and tired looking complexions. Sunspots can be reduced and inflammation calmed. Breakouts and acne can be go from spotty and red complexion into a more even tone.

3.No need to pre-plan ahead

Hydrafacial treatment lasts 30-60 minutes. You can have it done on your lunch break or whenever you have the time. Unlike some chemical peels where you need to plan your downtime and prepare yourself for your skin flaking off and hiding away, you can get on with your life straight after your treatment.

4.Super Smooth Skin

If you have an uneven complexion Hydrafacial uses gentle exfoliation with its patented water based ‘hydradermabrasion’ to remove dead skin cells to uncover a fresh skin.

5.Crystal Clear Skin

Clogged pores are also deeply cleaned of dirt and debris along with the dead skin cells. Oily, congested skin is detoxified leaving your skin clean and clear. A visible reduction in oil and pore size combine to give your skin a clearer complexion.

6.Velvety Softer skin

Hydrafacial intensively nourishes your skin with nutrient rich serums including hyaluronic acid. The moisturiser hydrates and attracts water into the skin and prevents moisture loss. Flaky dry skin can be transformed. Going from rough to smooth, hard to soft to the touch in 60 minutes or less.

6.Decreased appearance of wrinkles

Peptide infusion is ideal to tackle wrinkles. Hydrafacial infuses skin with peptide proteins which are scientifically proven improve the appearance of wrinkles. Improved firmness in key areas can reverse the signs of ageing.

7.Boosted confidence

With Hydrafacial, results speak for themselves. Having a luxurious clinic experience will make you feel and look a million dollars. You will find it hard to stop touching your new smooth and super soft skin afterwards!.

8.No downtime

Hydrafacial is gaining a reputation as the go to facial to get ready for that special occasion or red carpet event. Before your wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration Hydrafacial will get your face sparkling and looking its best in no time.

9.Great for Acne

If acne is a regular problem for you Hydrafacials love acne!. With the optional LED light after treatment this can destroy any remaining bacteria preventing future breakouts.

10.Customise your treatment

Hydrafacial can be customised to focus on your specific skin concerns. A range of serums can target everything from dark circles under eyes to pigmentation and wrinkles. LED light enhancement are a great way to finish your treatment for maximum glow and radiance.

 Next steps if you live in London

If you live in London and are interested in having a Hydrafacial please get in touch for a free consultation. We are Londons largest independent laser and skin specialists with 9 clinics across London. We are proud to have been trusted by Londoners for their skincare needs since 2008.

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