How To Shave Correctly for Women

If you are worried about the interruption to your laser hair removal treatment due to the lockdown and the effects it will have,  we have prepared a guide for you where you will learn

  • A brief history of the hair cycle ( not as boring as it sounds, promise)
  • Premier Laser free offer to you (no way !)
  • Shaving the basics ( a reminder, in case you haven’t for a while)


Why do you need multiple laser hair removal sessions anyway ?

Our laser expert and director Lucy Xu explains why

“Hair grows in 3 different stages.

  • The Anagen stage – which is the active growth stage,
  • The Catagen stage – the transition period,
  • The Telogen stage – also known as the resting phase.”

She continues “while laser targets the root of the hair, it can only work on hair in the Anagen stage, as this is the only time the root is connected to Dermal Papilla”.

As we don’t know which hair is on the Anagen stage at the time of your treatment; we can only destroy about 10% of the total hair per session – the ones in the Anagen stage.

On your next session the laser will target and destroy the next group of hair in the Anagen stage. And so it continues, until all the hair has been destroyed, over several sessions and months.

That’s why multiple sessions are needed for hair removal.

Consistency is the key!

With sessions scheduled every 4-6 weeks, starting your laser hair removal journey can be a commitment.

During the pandemic, with clinics closed, what do you do if you miss your next scheduled laser appointment?.

Missing your next laser hair removal session may disrupt your overall treatment especially if you are just at the beginning of your journey. If you are worried your previous sessions will go to waste and packages purchased will not be enough for you to have your hair-free skin….

Do not worry!

We’ve got your back (and front and legs and arms !!!!)

Once we re-open, we will contact you to rearrange your laser hair removal appointment.


…after a new assessment, if the gap caused by the pandemic affected your laser hair removal…

we will offer you a free extra session, so you can get back on track with your treatment!.

Until then what do you do ? How do you stay hair-free during this period?

Even staying at home, we probably don’t want underarm or upper lip hair!. We’ve prepared the ultimate guide on how-to-stay-on-top-of-your-personal-grooming-while-waiting-for-the-corona-pandemic-to-end-without-disrupting-your-laser-hair-removal-treatment!.

Is shaving the only option?

The options for removing hair will affect the hair in different ways. Waxing or epilators target the hair root and can change the hair growth cycle (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen stages)

this will reset your treatment so is a big no-no as you will have to start your treatment over.

Plus laser targets and destroys the root of the hair. Epilation and waxing will get rid of the hair but the hair will come back even stronger.

So your previous laser sessions to weaken the hair roots go to waste. 

 If you cannot wax and epilate that only leaves one option


But I don’t want to shave my face!

If you are having treatments on your face i.e. sideburns, upper lip, or full face; you may not want to shave. Which is absolutely fine, but avoid waxing or plucking!

We recommend you trim your facial hair with scissors if you can, or try cover up with makeup.

For dark facial hair, the best way to hide it is by using a thick foundation followed by powder and light blush on the hairy area to blend the colour.

However, if you are half way through laser treatment, you may only have light hair on your face. To hide it, you can use a light liquid foundation only followed with powder.

And if you are having a date night, you can always dim the lights or light a candle instead!

Getting back to shaving

Even though we recommend shaving in between laser sessions as a last resort, you should try to keep to a minimum.

The less you shave the better results you will get when you come back for laser hair removal treatment. 

In case you have forgotten : Shaving tips 101

Of course we’re all expert shavers but if you haven’t done it in a while it’s easy to forget the basics. Here’s a quick reminder.

(Plus with these tips, you’ll prevent ingrown hair, razor burn, or any nasty skin irritations.)

1) Take a warm shower or bath

They are great for softening your skin and opening up your pores. You’ll get the most out of your shaving and lessen the possibility of side effects.

2) Exfoliate

While in the shower use a loofah or gentle scrub to exfoliate the area you want to shave. This will get rid of dead skin and help the razor to glide over your skin, giving you a closer and longer-lasting shave.

Do not exfoliate after shaving, as it may cause additional irritation to your skin. 

3)Apply shaving cream or gel

If your skin is well-hydrated and you are using the right products you will reduce the risk of skin irritations, ingrown hairs or razor burns.

Never try to shave without using shaving cream or gel, as it may burn off your skin or results in cuts.

For a smoother shave, immediately after your shower, while your skin is still wet, apply some oil. Rinse off. Then use the shaving cream or gel.

4) While shaving

Use a fresh razor. An old or clogged razor won’t work well and may irritate your skin. Also make sure you don’t go over the same are too many times and rinse the razor frequently.

5) After shaving

Rinse thoroughly with cold water to close your pores then use a soft towel and lightly pat dry. Moisturise with light body oil or cream.

While soap and water dry your skin, shaving also will increase this effect. Using a generous amount of moisturiser will help to protect your skin. 

Also try to prevent shaving while you are on your period, as your skin will be more sensitive.

Shave the right way

Change your shaving technique depending on the part of your body you are shaving.

Shaving legs;

It is best to shave in long, steady strokes.. Also, be careful around the bonier areas as you don’t want to any cuts. Bend your leg while shaving your knees and stretch while shaving the back of your leg. Also, you can stretch your foot to opposite directions while you are doing your ankles.

Shaving underarms;

Underarm hair usually grows in different directions. So shaving in one direction may not be enough. For the best result, lift your arm above your head and shave in short strokes in all directions.

Wait for 1-2 hours before applying deodorant. 

Shaving bikini area;

As the skin on your bikini area is more sensitive, you should shave gently. Shave in the direction of the hair growth first, and then for a closer shave, you can go against the hair growth direction.

Make sure to use special creams after such as Bepanthen or nappy cream which are thicker and richer and you will eliminate the irritation, as many moisturisers may not be suitable for your skin on the bikini area.


Getting ready for your next laser appointment

Once our lives get back to normal to quote her majesty

“we will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again. And after a short time, we will go to our favourite clinics again.”

We hope this prepares you for your next appointment when the time comes. One final word of warning though.


Avoid a sun tan

Even though most of us are spending time at home locked away from the sun, if you spend time in your garden or balcony sunbathing please make sure to use SPF at all times to avoid a tan!

If your skin is tanned from sun exposure, sunbed or tanning lotion you would need to wait 4-6 weeks for it to fade so you can re-start your treatment. 

If you have any questions please contact us.

If you are just considering starting your laser hair removal why not take advantage of our free e-consultations and get the ball rolling.

During the e-consult you can ask all your questions to our skin experts and once life goes back to normal all you have to do is to pop in for a patch test.


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