How to Remove Acne Pigmentation

The darker tones of pigmentation often left behind by acne is just as upsetting to sufferers as the actual acne is; this is an unhappy fact for many people who suffer from regular breakouts of acne and also for those people whose acne has faded away only to leave behind red, brown or purplish discolouration where the spots once were.

The cause of acne pigmentation is the extra melanin which can form around damaged skin; this is often referred to as hyper-pigmentation and some people erroneously assume that there’s little to be done about it when in fact it can be improved and even eradicated with careful skin care.

One of the most popular ways of dealing with hyper-pigmentation due to acne is laser treatment; lasers can blast away the extra discoloration and leave behind a perfect layer of skin. The treatment is usually suitable for all skin types and a chat with a laser expert will determine your probably outcome following a course of treatment.

If however you would like to assist your skin in the meantime, follow these guidelines to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Keep Acne At Bay:

This solution may seem a little obvious but it really is the first thing you need to do. Look closely at your diet and eliminate processed food which has been linked to acne by recent, well respected research bodies in Australia. Drink plenty of water and limit the use of pain killers unless prescribed…painkillers have an effect on your entire system and can slow down the way you process toxins. Avoid over-washing of your skin; don’t scrub it…be gentle and use a good quality cleanser and moisturiser at all times.

Use Retinol Based Creams:

Research has shown that products containing retinol can really help with acne scars and discolouration. Speak to your dermatologist before using any strong products though.

Consider Microdermabrasion:

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are a fantastically effective way to remove hyper-pigmentation and as long as they are carried out by properly qualified specialists they are totally safe. The chemicals in the solutions which are applied to your face gently remove the uppermost layers of skin and though they can leave some initial redness, the results after a week or two are very impressive. Do not attempt to perform these treatments on yourself as they can be very difficult to manage if you’re not properly trained and chemical burns are never going to be a pleasant alternative to acne scars or pigmentation.

Bathe Your Skin In Milk:

Cleopatra wasn’t a fool…she knew all about the skin boosting properties of milk and she made sure that she benefited from them! Bathing your face in milk is a good idea because milk contains natural infection fighting elements as well as being able to reduce inflammation. Use chilled, organic milk if possible and rinse well afterwards with tepid water.

Acne is an unpleasant and upsetting condition but you can help yourself to recover from it by consulting experts and using good quality products on your skin. Don’t despair…look to the many treatments out there and you can have beautiful, clear skin once more.

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