How to get rid of your hairy bum

For thousands of years evolution made us less hairy creatures. Despite shedding loads of hairs learning to walk on two feet and inventing hair straighteners and Iphones, hair still covers our whole body. And not just the obvious areas we see in the mirror everyday that we battle to control, wash, pluck, cut and shave.

Body hair everywhere means everywhere!. Some people are lucky to only have very fine tiny hairs covering their body, while others have noticeable, thicker hairs sprouting everywhere.

One hairy area not often talked about is hair, er, well , down there. It has thousands of searches every month on Google with people asking the best way to remove it. As embarrassing as ‘bum hair’, ‘butt hair’, ‘arse hair’ or whatever you choose to call it can be, having a hairy bum is just another day at the office for laser clinics worldwide.

At Premier Laser we are used to beautifying bums and inbetween buttocks every day!. The term used in clinics for laser hair removal on your bum or is the ‘peri anal’ area.

If you ever wondered what and where the the peri anal area was or had heard the phrase but were not quite sure,well, now you know.

Peri anal laser hair treatment

The peri anal area is a popular treatment for men and women. Most women include the peri anal area when having a bikini, Hollywood or Brazilian as it makes sense to laser the whole area as it really tidies the area up.

With more men visiting our clinics opting to have laser hair removal, the peri anal area is becoming more popular. It’s the ‘crack’ bit when you hear men having their ‘back, sac and crack’ done. It is an area men are discovering and adding to the menu alongside traditional areas of backs and arms. Whether it is for personal hygiene or to please a partner we have seen more guys choosing to get the peri anal area lasered.

Cant I just wax or shave my bum hair?

If you have tried waxing or shaving your bum or in between your buttocks you will know it can be quite tricky and risky with people often nicking themselves if using a razor. Not to mention the potential for ingrown hairs which could follow and be painful. Of course we would recommend laser over waxing or shaving for a more effective long term solution!.

How many sessions would i need to remove all hair from my bum ?

This depends on your hair type and a number of other factors including skin tone and hormone activity. Normally we would recommend a package of up to eight sessions. With prices at around £35 per session it is a great value treatment to finally remove hairs in this embarrassing place and have a peachy smooth bottom.

Will the hair on my bum grow back ?

Laser hair can reduce the hair regrowth by up to 90% which is almost hair free and will make a huge difference in your appearance and also hygiene.

How do you remove hair from your bum ?

The procedure is quite straight forward and quick. It also does not require any great preparation either. If you are considering laser hair removal you would need to shave the area 24 hours before the session. When you turn up for your appointment the practitioner will get you to lay on the treatment table with your knees together pulled into chest or alternatively you can be on all fours on your hands and knees.

The practitioner will then skilfully zap away at your hairs with the laser hair on the targeted area. Treatment lasts for 15-20 minutes. As it is not a huge area compared with say laser hair removal on the back or legs your appointment will be over in no time. And you would be expected to return in 6 weeks for your next session.

Is laser hair removal on my bum painful?

Having laser is not painful although some people are more sensitive to the laser then others. That is why we perform a patch test before starting any treatment during a consultation. Most people describe laser as having an elastic band flicked against them.

Next steps if I want to do something about my hairy bum?

If you have finally had enough of your bum hair, want to upgrade your personal hygiene or keep your partner happy, then why not pop in for a consultation with one of our experienced practitioners today. You and your behind will be glad you did!.

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