How Tattoos Work & Why They Are Permanent


We all know that tattoos are permanent once they’re done…they’re there for life in most cases which is precisely why many people are attracted to them. Permanent body art that will travel with you down the years is a real draw for some people…but for others their tattoos are an unfortunate reminder of a thoughtless youth.

Maybe the subject matter is no longer relevant to them…or perhaps the artwork is shoddy or has faded and become less effective with time?

Whatever the reason for regretting a tattoo, many people sometimes find themselves in the position of wondering what to do about them.

How do tattoos work? Why can’t they be somehow…less permanent?

If you’ve got unwanted tattoos and would like to look into laser tattoo removal, it is useful to first understand what it is about a tattoo that makes it permanent.

Tattoos…How Deep Do They Go?

When the tattooist is seen effectively “drawing” on the skin with his gun, he’s not just running the ink into the top or upper layer of the skin but right into the deepest portion, the dermis. The needle in a tattoo gun basically punctures the skin many times a minute and with each puncture, a drop of ink is inserted below the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) and into the dermis…the lower portion of the skin.

The tattooed portions of skin will remain tattooed as those deeper layers do not shed and renew in the same way as the upper layers do. Because the upper layers are thin, the colour and pattern that have been created below “show through” and appear to be on the surface.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Tattoos?

So you’re tired of your old ink…or you’re embarrassed by it…whatever the reason you’ve decided to do away with it, you can get effective treatment for it.

Today’s laser tattoo removal techniques are vastly superior to those in the past and while some discomfort can be expected during the laser tattoo removal procedure, the discomfort felt is nowhere near as painful as with the less inferior technology of the past.

Laser tattoo removal works by breaking down those stubborn ink molecules deep within your dermis and once they’re broken up, they’re simply absorbed by your bloodstream and harmlessly ejected by your normal bodily functions.

if you need to speak to some about removing your tattoos please get in touch with us today.

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