How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

Hair growth is one of the most frustrating aspects of adult life. It’s a constant chore to shave or wax, and we often find ourselves stressing out about how we look and cursing hair for growing back so quickly. It’s for this reason, laser hair removal has become so popular in the last ten years and more and more people are turning to this new technology as a way to manage hair growth and see some long term results.

Once you’ve decided to go through with the treatment the question quickly becomes, ‘where should I go?’ and ‘who offers the best value?’. Here at Premier Laser we pride ourselves on our ability to not only provide the best service, with the best results but also offer it to you at a generous and affordable price. Below we are going to run through a few procedures, and why choosing the team here, over the competition is the right choice. For the purpose of the price comparison, all these prices are for single sessions.

Premier Laser and Northwood

Both London Premier Laser and Northwood offer laser hair removal however Premier Laser offers far more affordable costs than its competitor. There are five services that have been compared here, ‘Abdomen & Chest’, ‘Back & Shoulders’, ‘Back, Shoulders, Full Arms’, ‘Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms’ and ‘Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arms’.

Single Session Premier Laser Northwood
Abdomen & Chest £165 £220.00
Back & Shoulders £244 £420.00
Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £278 £330.00
Back, Shoulders, Full Arms £329 £530.00
Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arm £450 £700.00

Northwood doesn’t offer combined packages for a number of these treatments, unlike Premier Laser and as a result, the price of the hair removal is often higher. This is particularly noticeable for the comprehensive ‘Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arms’ which is a full £250 cheaper at London Premier Laser. Furthermore, more straight forward sessions such as Abdomen & Chest is over 30% more expensive at Northwood.

Premier Laser and sk:n

Another competitor in the field of laser hair removal in London is sk:n, who has a number of clinics and like Premier Lasier provide an excellent service and yet, just like Northwood also falls short of our excellent value.

Single Session Premier Laser sk:n
Abdomen & Chest £165 £170
Back & Shoulders £244 £320
Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £278 £515

As you can see Premier Laser comes out on top across the examples here, with a slightly cheaper cost for Abdomen & Chest, and a much cheaper cost for Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms. Again, Premier Laser offer this as an easy package with great value and is 50% less expensive than sk:n for tremendous quality.

Premier Laser and Pulse Light

For women’s hair removal, you can also look at Pulse Light who offer a similar service to London Premier Laser, however, in terms of quality and price, Premier Laser once again come out on top.

Single Session Premier Laser Pulse Light
Abdomen & Chest £165 £190
Back, Shoulders, Full Arms £329 £570
Full Body Top to Toe inc. Face £625 £730

The biggest comparison here is that Pulse Light also offers a full body service just like Premier Laser. This treatment is always likely to be the most expensive and this is reflected in the price, but unsurprising the value for money is still found at Premier Laser who charge £95 less than their rival.


The price comparison is fairly comprehensive and the facts don’t lie; London Premier Laser is more affordable than any of its rivals as well as having a greater degree of expertise and better results. Therefore, if you are interested in seeing a specialist or booking any of the many services for women that are offered, then look no further than Premier Laser for care and cost.

Prices reflective of May 2019.


About Premier Laser

We have many years’ experience delivering first class hair removal and skin treatments in our laser skin clinics in London and Surrey. We have performed over 300,000 treatments and still counting.

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