How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Because everybody is different, laser hair removal treatments can come in a different number of courses. Most people however, will need between four and eight sessions in order for the treatment to be fully effective and successful.

Laser hair removal involves a beam of high concentration light which is directed deep into the skin which kills the hair follicle. The laser will only kill the hair follicle if the strand of hair is in a certain phase, the active growth phase.

90% of hair at any one stage is in the active growth phase. So it takes a course of several treatments for all of the hair to completely go. Each individual session usually takes about an hour, which is also a reason why it has become very popular with the public and celebrity stars alike.

After the laser hair removal treatment, treated hairs take around 2 weeks to shed from the skin followed by a further 4 weeks of re-growth. Therefore it is recommended that on average each treatment is a month and half apart, however this varies from person to person and is dependent on the treatment area.

The areas of skin which can benefit from this treatment include the legs, arms, chest and back. The area of skin being treated also determines the length of time that the treatment takes. For larger areas, like the back, it can take longer to treat the area because there is more surface area to cover.

To get an idea of how long the treatment will take for you, you should speak to a trained and qualified expert at a laser hair removal clinic.

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