How Fillers Can Transform Your Lips


Thanks to celebrities from the Jenners/Kardashians and Angelina Jolie to Chloe Ferry and Michelle Keegan, as well as countless Instagram pages, luscious lips have become the focus of intense attention – and desire. Lip injections have seen a tremendous rise in popularity, among people of all ages. How do they transform your lips?

Achieve the Look You Want

In the past, lip injections were typically only offered to those seeing changes in their face due to age. Today, that still applies, but more young people (primarily women) want the full look as well. Here’s what fillers can do:

  • Define your cupid’s bow. The two peaks and valley of your upper lip form your “cupid’s bow.” This is very subtle in some people;
  • fillers can be applied to specific areas (in this case, the peaks) rather than the entire lip to help you get that defined bow.
  • Help volumise and plump. You can opt for injections that create an all over look of plumpness and fullness.
  • Even out asymmetrical lips. No one’s perfect – but why not get a bit of help to get as close as possible! Symmetry is an important component of aesthetic beauty, and fillers help even out lips that, for example, appear fuller on one side.
  • Build volume at the sides of the lip. This gives your lips a more defined, pronounced appearance. It an also correct drooping or sagging in the corners.
  • Reverse an upside-down mouth. Turn that frown upside down! Injections can lift the corners of the mouth, creating a more open look.
  • Banish lines around the mouth. Marionette lines, smoker’s lines and other vertical lines can be treated effectively with lip fillers. Look years younger!

Want to make a change you could kiss yourself for? Enquire about lip fillers at your consultation!

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