How do we make sure Laser Hair Removal is safe?

For many of our thousands of patients, the biggest worry they have when they first learn about our laser hair removal treatment is the word “laser”. It brings with it connotations of super-hot and killer laser beams that can cut through metal in an instance. For many, this creates the perception that it’s unsafe, it’s super sore and it’s totally uncontrolled and scary. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, laser hair removal uses an incredibly focussed and incredibly controlled laser emission to target only the hair follicles and hair that you want to remove. The sophisticated technology ensures that the surrounding skin isn’t targeted and remains entirely safe and unaffected.

At Premier Laser, we take a number of steps to ensure your safety including:


We take a number of precautionary steps to ensure that you’re suitable for laser hair removal treatment (not everybody is) and that we can provide the right recommendation that will yield you the greatest results. Our free and no-obligation consultations ensure that you have all the information you need and that we can deliver a tailor-made recommendation that meets your expectations and protects your skin.

Patch test

To ensure that the procedure will be successful (and you’re not wasting your money) we provide a free patch test for would-be laser hair removal patients, much similar to a hair colour patch test, we expose a small area of skin to ensure there is no adverse reaction. After a consultation, we expose a small area of your skin to the laser to ensure that there are no adverse reactions and that it’s safe for us to proceed with the treatment. This also allows us to properly calibrate the laser technology to your skin, so we can ensure the best comfort and results possible.

Advanced technology

Laser hair removal technology has been around for nearly 60 years. In that time, the technology has improved and changed to produce better results with the safest methods. At Premier Laser we’re committed to patient safety by ensuring that we use the very latest and safest technology to get you the very best results.

Not only do we use the very best laser hair removal technology in London, but we use a variety of machines, at a greater expense to our business, to ensure that we can offer the same services to patients with darker skin or fairer hair colour.


The Premier Laser team is compromised of experienced aesthetics experts who have received specific training to help them do the very best job possible. We put all of our nurses, technicians and staff through rigours training to ensure they are well equipped on our technology and the very latest and safest methods. Furthermore, we ensure that they receive regular training as part of a refresher programme to keep them up to date on all the latest developments, technology and practices in the industry.

Regular safety checks

As part of our operations team, we ensure the safety of our patients by undertaking gruelling safety and maintenance checks across our team and technology. By ensuring that our equipment is always in the best condition, always well maintained and our working environment is as clean and safe as possible, we can help reduce the risk of any complications or poor results.

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