How Do Injectables for Excessive Sweating Work?


You have roughly three million sweat glands, and they’re across your body – in your armpits, around your groin, and even on the soles of your feet. Sweat is absolutely necessary to human life. It helps to cool your body on the hottest of days. It means you won’t overheat quite as quickly when you workout. It can also mean you detoxify your body and send salt back into your blood stream. What happens, though, when you don’t sweat like you should? What happens when sweat goes into overdrive?

Meet Hyperhidrosis

While some sweat is normal, if you’re sweating too much and it’s not related to the heat or any physical activity you’re doing, you may suffer from hyperhidrosis. It may pop up as you’re chatting with your boss about a new idea you had. It could appear as you’re getting ready to go out for the evening. Either way, it can cause both discomfort and social anxiety, and finding the right treatment is a must.

Won’t Antiperspirant Help?

Many people who deal with hyperhidrosis on a regular basis turn to antiperspirants initially to deal with the problem. Today, there are many prescription-strength versions on the market today that can help, but in most cases, the sweat is just too much for an antiperspirant to handle, and other treatments are absolutely key.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections As a Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) help to temporarily block the sweat glands in the targeted area which in turns stops them from sweating. The injections do not cause any harm to the body, and the results can last up to 9 months – making it the perfect summer treatment! The most common areas which people opt to have injections for excessive sweating is in their hands, feet and underarms.

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