Hollywood Laser Hair Removal | Ultimate Guide [2020]

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal – All you need to know

We have put together a quick guide for you if you were thinking about having Hollywood laser hair removal.

After reading through you will know the answers to the following commonly asked questions and queries.

  1. What is Hollywood laser hair removal?
  2. What areas are included in the Hollywood laser hair removal?
  3. 9 Benefits of Hollywood Laser hair removal
  4. Does Hollywood laser hair removal get rid of ingrown hairs?
  5. Is Hollywood laser hair removal painful?
  6. How long a Hollywood laser hair removal last does it last?
  7. How to prepare for Hollywood laser hair removal
  8. How much does Hollywood laser hair removal cost?

What is Hollywood laser hair removal?

Hollywood laser hair removal is the complete removal of pubic hair from the whole female genital area.

Other popular styles of laser hair removal on the female pubic area include the bikini and Brazilian. The basic bikini laser includes the bikini line and upper thigh. The Brazilian laser extends the bikini line leaving a strip of hair down the middle.

What areas are included in the Hollywood laser hair removal?

The areas covered include the following all hair in the genital area including.

  • labia
  • perianal
  • lower abdomen.

 9 Benefits of Hollywood Laser hair removal

For some women the benefits are:

  1. More self-confident
  2. Happier with their appearance
  3. Better sexual experience
  4. Match their active lifestyle of yoga, sports, swimming without worry
  5. No ingrown hairs again
  6. Personal hygiene
  7. No more shaving and waxing
  8. Saves time
  9. No irritations

Hollywood laser has more permanent results than any other hair removal method like :

Waxing | Plucking | Sugaring | Depilatory creams | Shaving

After 6-8 sessions of Hollywood laser, you’re hair free and don’t have to worry about it again. Saving a great amount of time!

It also lacks the irritation that can occur from shaving, provides smooth skin. So no more pain, discomfort, irritation or bad hair days down below.

Does Hollywood laser hair removal get rid of ingrown hairs?

Having ingrown hair on the genital area is more common than any other parts of the body. Hollywood laser hair removal stops any possible ingrown hair.

This is due to thicker hair in the area, tighter clothing, and because the skin is much softer in this part of your body, it is easier for the hair to grow sideways in the skin after aggressive hair removal like shaving.

Shaving or plucking leaves you with thicker hair than before. And because most of the hair removal options often break the hair just below the skin surface, the hair can turn under the skin and pierce it.

Anyone who suffers from constant ingrown hairs can relate to them being uncomfortable and also sometimes very painful when infected. They are also quite hard to remove

As laser hair removal targets the hair roots and prevents the regrowth of hair under the skin, it quickly and significantly reduces the amount of ingrown hairs in the area. After the first 2-3 sessions of your treatment, you will see a significant difference as your hair will appear thinner and sparser.

Is Hollywood laser hair removal painful?

Some people find laser hair removal slightly uncomfortable while some don’t mind it at all. It depends how well you tolerate pain.

As the laser works with the hair follicles under the skin, you might feel a slight tingling. And if you have really sensitive skin and low pain threshold, you might feel a little discomfort.

 Clinics will have a solution for that!

While you are getting your laser treatment, lasers blow a constant cold air which soothes your skin and decreases the amount of pain you might feel.

Also, at the beginning of your laser session, clinicians apply numbing cream or cooling gel to the area which significantly decreases the discomfort.

By your 2nd or 3rd session, the number of hair follicles will be decreased significantly, which means less discomfort. And with each time you will get more used to it. So do not worry if your first session was a little uncomfortable. It will only get better!

How long a Hollywood laser hair removal last does it last?

Laser hair removal provides up to 90% hair reduction after 6-8 sessions.

The results will last much longer than any other hair removal options.

Regrowth depends on several factors. Such as;

  • The number of sessions completed
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal factors
  • Skin colour
  • Underlying medical conditions

Normally we would recommend 6-8 sessions to achieve the best results of permanent hair reduction. However, results may vary from person to person. Some people might need top-up sessions after some years.

Most people are happy with the dramatic results and the life changing impact it has on personal beauty regimes.

 How to prepare for Hollywood laser hair removal

 For the best results and most comfortable treatment, follow your practitioners  advice.

  • Avoid any tanning. Suntan and sunbeds are equally dangerous if you allow your skin to tan before your laser treatment. As if your skin is tanned, the laser can burn the surface. Leave at least 4 weeks before getting you laser treatment if your skin is tanned.
  • Avoid waxing or plucking before laser hair removal. As these options change the hair growth cycle, the laser will not be able to catch the hair follicles on the right stage and it will not be able to reduce the hair. 
  • Do not bleach your hair. The darker the hair follicles, it is easier for the laser to see them.
  • Clean the treatment area before your session. Don’t use any cosmetic creams before your session. You can ask for sanitary towels from your practitioner at the beginning of your session to clean the area as well.
  •  Make sure that you have between 4-6 weeks full hair growth before your first session.
  • Shave 24 hours before your laser appointment and NOT on the treatment day. To read more about how to shave correctly, you can visit our blog
  • Gently exfoliate your bikini area 3-4 days before your session. Don’t leave it to the last day or after you shaved. Otherwise, it might irritate your skin.
  • Ensure all the excess hair from the labia and perianal area has been removed.
  • Wear loose clothes for your treatment. Make sure your underwear is not too tight. Cotton underwear is perfect.
  • Avoid caffeine before your treatment. It can increase your sensitivity.
  • If you have a low pain threshold, you can take a mild pain reliever before your session (not Ibuprofen)
  • Some of our clients find chewing gum during the treatment helpful or listening to music, or even just having a chat with you practitioner.
  • Try to schedule the treatment the week before of the week after your period. Most importantly, relax, you’re in safe hands.

How much does Hollywood Laser hair removal cost?

The cost per session is as little as £69. We always recommend between 6-8 sessions, you can also get a great discount on packages.

At Premier Laser our prices are

40% discount on 6 sessions, the price for session is £83

50% discount on 8 sessions, the price for session is £69

The average price for Hollywood waxing in London in 2020 is between 40-60.

When you compare the costs of laser hair removal, it is not much more than waxing in comparison to session cost. And the results are much effective and more permanent.

For laser hair removal to work you must remember the 3 c’s!. That is

  1. Consistency – Be consistent with your intervals between sessions
  2. Commitment – Follow practitioner instructions and don’t miss appointments
  3. Communication – Give your practitioner feedback on your results every session

Added to the 3 C’s to guarantee the best results you must

  1. choose a reputable clinic
  2. use the latest technology
  3. have an experienced practitioner

If any of those are missing – you will be left disappointed. Great technology used by an inexperienced practitioner, or a great practitioner using inferior technology will be not give you the results you crave. Cheap laser hair removal will not include all 3 and will put you at risk.

If you live in London are thinking about Hollywood Laser hair removal call us for a free consultation and start your journey to smooth, hairless skin today

We have 8 clinics across London open 7 days a week until 8pm on weekdays for you.  Over 500,000+ Londoners of all colours and genders have trusted us since 2008.

You couldn’t be in safer hands  



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