HIFU: A Quick Guide


When you see a teenager, what makes her look young? What makes you feel old when you look in the mirror? Often the difference between that teenage face and yours is the sagging skin, and it’s a natural process you can’t always avoid.  As you age, your collagen levels diminish, and that means wrinkles and sagging skin that was once only dealt with thanks to a facelift. Now, though, there are new treatments available to tackle that problem and help your skin look as young as it did when you were still in school. It’s called HIFU.

Understanding the Process

HIFU is also sometimes called a non-surgical face lift, and for good reason. It helps to contour your skin and change the way you look on a daily basis. It begins with a comprehensive consultation. On appointment day, we’ll cleanse your skin, then apply a gel. The Ultraformer then be applied to your skin, across the area you’d like to tighten. As it works across your skin, it generates a thermal effect, which helps your body begin to repair the collagen and produce more to tighten the area.

You may feel a bit of bruising and tenderness after the procedure, but it generally isn’t painful. HIFU treatments last anywhere from twenty to forty minutes, depending on how large the treatment area is.

As with many of our other treatments, there is no downtime following your HIFU. You might see slight redness for an hour or so directly afterwards, but you don’t have to worry about a long recovery time.

How Soon Will I Notice the Difference?

Your skin will feel a bit tighter directly after the procedure, however you will see the best skin results after three months. Top-up treatment can also be arranged to enhance the results further in future.

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