“Healthy Foods” That Can Make You Fat

wholegrain muffins

How can healthy food make you fat? We’re not talking about apples and broccoli here…we’re talking about those foods which are ok in moderation but which some peready made saladople
mistake for something they can over-indulge in and treat as a staple under the mistaken assumption that because it’s nutritious it must be good for staying skinny right? Wrong!

The only foods which won’t make you fat are whole foods…foods which are not processed and which are completely in their natural state. So while some fruits for example may contain more sugar than others, they’re still pretty good to rely on…bananas are more sugary than apples for instance but they’re better than cakes! Don’t stint on healthy, whole foods…just look out for the following!

  • Muffins: Even if they’re advertised as “wholegrain” and “all natural” muffins are generally full of sugar. Homemade muffins with honey and fruit as a sugar substitute are the best option but don’t make a habit out of it!
  • Ready made salads: So you think you’re making a good choice when you choose that boxed salad in the sandwich shop? You’re probably not…croutons and fat laden salad dressings will take those calories through the roof!
  • Flavoured yogurt: Like any processed food, flavoured yogurts are packed full of sugar or sweeteners and are actually very fattening. The type marketed at babies and toddlers are among the worst offenders with some containing more sugar than some chocolate chip cookies!##CATEGORY-BANNER##
  • Cereal bars: Those crunchy, nutty bars that are sold to you as a healthy snack? They’re so packed with sugar that they’re on a par with some chocolate bars. Skip the nut bars and have a handful of real nuts instead…without added sugar!
  • Wholegrain bread: Some wholegrain breads are full of bleached flour and sugar. Check the label on your favourite brand to see if it’s really a healthy choice or just pretending!
  • Shop bought smoothies: They’re ok if they’re made with fruit alone but many have sugar added to the mix and some even include cream!

Whilst the old adage “a little of what you fancy” is definitely true, it’s also very important to limit the amount of processed foods that you consume. Eating foods which are high in fat, sugar or salt is never a good idea and once you manage to keep away from them on a regular basis, you will find that you desire or crave them less. Get into the habit of reading the labels on the foods which you buy and in terms of processed foods consider this…if your Grandmother wouldn’t recognise it then it’s probably no good for you!

if you have fallen victim of these “healthy foods” and others like them and have put on some extra weight that your finding hard to shift through conventional weight loss methods there are professional treatments that can help. Fat dissolving injections, based on Aqualyx, a water solution injected directly into the fatty areas, bind with fat tissue and dissolve them. Put simply it liquefies fat which can then be removed from your body safely and naturally as you urinate. For more information and before and after images click here.

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