Have You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau?


There is nothing worse than when you have been ‘beasting’ it at the gym for the past few weeks, going for your daily 3 mile run only to stand on the scales and see that your weight hasn’t shifted a bit.

Hitting a weight loss plateau can be very demotivating, not seeing the results that you are expecting, even the slightest results can make you revert back to your old lifestyle. Why give up the tasty junk food if eating leaves and fruit doesn’t make a difference? Why go to the gym when you can watch TV with a packet of Haribo and still weigh the same?

Weight Loss Plateaus Are Normal

Weight loss plateaus are perfectly normal and are in fact very important. These plateaus normally after occur after significant weight loss i.e. 10kg. Why is it normal not to lose weight? Well the body tries to maintain homeostatis, keeping many of your bodily functions such as temperature control and fluid balance at a regulated range.

Essentially your body is trying to be too clever and when it detects that your expected intake is too low or too high it will try to stabilize your weight by altering your metabolism and conserving energy.

This is why when you first start off on your weight loss journey it is easier at the start then towards the end when you are trying to drop those last remaining pounds.

So How Can You Outsmart Your Body Into Losing Weight?

Put simply you need to shake things up – keeping the body guessing is the secret here. Change your eating strategy, if you eat 3 meals a a day then switch this to 6 smaller meals whilst also altering your calorie intake.

Introduce interval training to your cardio routine or switch the amount of set/reps that you do of any given exercise.

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Overcoming A Weight Loss Plateau

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