Hair Removal: It’s Not Just For Girls!

It wasn’t too long ago that there were controversial conversations in the media around the reasons women have their body hair removed however in more recent times the topic of conversation has shifted topic towards men.


Terms such as ‘manbag’, ‘mankini’ and ‘mandles’ are all designed to coerce men into doing/wearing certain things which may be seen as too feminine. Manscaping is one of the latest to be thrown out there, designed to make men feel more comfortable with being concerned with their body image and general overall appearance.

Once something only done by the likes of bodybuilders, swimmers and cyclists, the practice has gone mainstream with young men now growing up in a world where removing their body hair and shaping their eyebrows is common practice and accepted.

Media and Social Influence   

The media and especially the rise of social media in the past few years has had a massive influence on how men and also women picture the modern man.

Celebrities carry a lot of influence and are seen by many as role models on how they should act and look. With male celebrities such as James Tindle from Geordie Shore posting topless images of his ripped physique on his personal Twitter account and colossal city billboard posters of a completely hairless David Beckham posing in his underwear is only fuelling the cult for a cleaner and hair free body.


Women don’t want to date a man that looks like he has just crawled out of a cave. Let’s face it, whether you agree or not we now live in an image conscious society.


A survey conducted in 2012 by Break Media showed that 77% of guys aged 18-34 admitted to ‘manscaping’ with a whopping 97% saying that they groom their down stairs parts. In addition 38% of men said they took care of their chests, 28% their stomachs and 21% removed hair from their back.

If you are still to take the plunge you are one of the few males remaining. It’s finally ok guys, in fact it has been reported that men who remove their body hair actually feel much more confident with some even going as far saying it made them look and appear thinner or much more toned.

Although shaving, waxing and using hair removal cream are all options they only provide short term results with most men having to shave on a daily basis. Waxing may offer slightly longer results but as I am sure you already know it can be quite painful, and as for hair removal cream, I think the reviews on ‘Veet For Men’ on Amazon speak for themselves. (These reviews can be quite graphic in context, anyone who is easily offended may want to avoid them)

Laser hair removal is very quickly being the preferred choice among men as a solution to removing unwanted body hair. The treatments are quick, safe and very effective. Laser hair removal works by destroying the base of the hair follicle, the source of new hair, without causing any damage to any surround tissue.

If you would like to learn more about Laser hair removal and your hair removal options please contact your nearest clinic.

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