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So you have booked yourself a summer holiday to a sunny destination across the pond and have hit the shops to grab yourself some bargain bikinis / swimming shorts. As you enter the changing room carrying a basket full of summer clothing you enter a cubical, undress and look at yourself in the mirror. You only go away in couple of months time and in the last few months you have put on a bit of weight – right you think, time to get back in shape.

Many people who decide to lose weight or tone up do so by regular exercise in the form of running. Running can be an effective way to help drop a few pounds, combined with a healthy clean diet. The only problem is running can get old, really quick and many find it to be boring resulting in many giving it up after a a week or two. So what can be done to stay on track and keep yourself motivated?

Stay Away From Roads

Who needs shin splints right? Stay clear of hard pavements and roads and find dirt roads and trails instead. Plus as an added bonus you will have all that nice clean air to breathe and  some beautiful scenery to look at.

Buy A New Pair Of Running Trainers

The running trainers bit is very important – yes you can go running using an average pair of trainers but they will not provide the support and comfort of that of ones that have been made for running. Most running footwear will have an air pocket in the heel helping to minimize the impact to your heel as you run.

Buying new trainers also helps to keep you motivated!!! Once you have paid for a new pair you are more likely to stay committed to justify the cost of purchasing them…nobody likes to buy something new only to leave it locked away in the cupboard.

Stop Clock Watching

I know it can be very tempting to take out a watch or timing device to keep track of your performance whilst you run however this can become counter productive as you could find yourself trying to go too quick to try and reach a set time which can throw your pace all out of sync.

However this is not to say you cannot track your time. Before you run start a stop watch at the door of your house before you go out and then stop it on your return.

Sign Up To A Organised Run

There is nothing more motivating then knowing that you have to run 10k in the near future. By signing up to a run and letting friends and family know your taking part you will feel obligated to train in order to get your best time possible. You don’t want this to be you now do you:

Friend: “So how did you do in your run? What time did you get?
You: “Ermmm, I did it in 4 hours 16 minutes…
Friend: “Oh I didn’t realise you were running a marathon…well done!”
You: “I didn’t…”

Explore Your Surroundings

Mix it up a little, you don’t have to stick to them same old paths each and every time you go for a run. There is a big world out there…explore it!!!

Think Of The Mileage As Calories

Did you know that every mile you run burns roughly around 100 calories? So next time you do that 6 mile run think of it more as chips and sausage from your local chippy.

Leave The Excuses At The Door 

“I was supposed to go for a run yesterday but I had to put the washing out to dry and today I had to clean the dishes”. The moment you start letting excuses get in the way you are doomed to fail, the washing can wait until later…your fitness can’t.

Set A Routine And Stick To it.

if you decide you are going running on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday then make sure you stick to it.  Once you get into a routine you will feel that it becomes easier as it starts to become the norm.

Grab A Friend

By pairing up with a friend you will find that you are more committed. On days that you feel a little de-motivated the thought of not wanting to let your running partner down can be all the motivation you need to put on your running gear and get some exercise.

Set Your Self Goals

Goals are great to help you track your progress. Your first goal could be to run to the park and back and then your next goal to make it past the park to your old school and back, each time adding a little extra distance to your run. Sometimes without goals it is far to easy to become stale and never push yourself to the next level.


I know this can sound a little silly but sometimes reading motivational quotes can help to change your mindset and really fire yourself up for your next run. Below is a quote from Lance Armstrong which I find very inspiring…

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong

Put Together A Motivational Playlist

Running to some high up tempo songs can make all the difference. Try googleing ‘running playlists’ for good running songs that others have put together. In the mean time here are a handful to get you started:

Eye Of The Tiger:


Pump it:

Park Rock Anthem


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