Getting The Most From Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments


To ensure you get your money’s worth for your laser hair removal, you should follow some simple tips. These include:

  1. Make sure there is stubble growing in the area being treated. This means you shouldn’t try to shave for a few days before your treatment, to allow it time to grow back.
  2. Don’t wax or tweeze either. Avoid doing this for six weeks before the treatment, because it damages the hair follicle making laser hair removal less effective.
  3. Don’t tan (real or fake) before the laser hair removal treatment. This is because if your skin is dark, then the laser can’t distinguish between what is hair and what is skin.
  4. After your laser hair removal, you shouldn’t sunbathe. Your skin may still be recovering from the treatment and this could damage it.
  5. You should moisturise after the treatment. Your clinician should tell you which products are best; this helps restore the natural moisture balance in your skin.
  6. About 5 days after laser hair removal, you should use a sugar scrub to get rid of excess hair falling out. This is an exfoliate and can help your skin become supple and soft.
  7. Follow your salon’s instructions. As everyone is different, each person will have different care instructions depending on their needs, areas being treated and skin and hair type. Following the expert’s advice is vital in ensuing you recieve a professional laser hair removal treatment.

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