Get Summer Ready: Removing Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are simply streaks or stripes on the skin, caused by rapid expansion of the tissue. Pregnancy, hormones, puberty, weight gain… they can all cause these marks. For many people, they are just a fact of life. But does that mean you have to resign yourself to living with them – or even covering up when you are headed to the beach or slipping into your favourite warm weather clothing?


Using today’s most advanced technology, you can get summer-ready. Say “goodbye” to winter – and to stretch marks.

We recommend the following treatments:

ULTRAcel Microneedling

This treatment combines three powerful techniques in one to accomplish a variety of favourable results: lift, tighten, promote collagen production and restructure existing collagen with minimal downtime. No scalpel, no lengthy recovery – just healthy-looking, rejuvenated skin. Your stretch marks don’t stand a chance against ULTRAcel.

You will start to see results immediately, and these will become more apparent over the weeks following treatment. One to three treatments is often recommended.

Now, the big question: does ULTRAcel Microneedling hurt? You may feel slight discomfort. Our trained, experienced practitioners can apply a numbing cream to alleviate this sensation.


The pen is mightier than the scalpel. Dermapen is a cutting edge (no pun intended!) treatment that improves upon previous gen microneedling technology. Stretch Marks are often similar to scar tissue with a thicker texture. Regular microneedle approaches can cause the needles to bend, making the treatment ineffectual and painful.

Dermapen uses a series of needles to penetrate the skin at a vertical angle. This technique is faster, more precise, less uncomfortable and more effective on stretch marks and scarred skin.

ULTRAcel and Dermapen may be the stretch mark answer for which you have been searching. Schedule a consultation so we can answer any questions and determine which option is best for you.

Dare to bare this summer!


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