Get Radiant Skin With These Top 5 Beauty Tips

achieve radiant skin

Skin is the bodies’ largest organ; it reflects our health and our emotional well-being. When we’re feeling run-down or low, it’s often visible in the skin on our bodies…most particularly our faces. Dull and blotchy, tired and lined…whatever your skin issues there are ways to brighten it up and quickly! Some involve treating the cause and not the symptoms whilst others treat the visible effects. Read on to learn how to improve your skin’s tone, texture and colour without invasive treatments.

A Chemical Peel:

A tried and tested chemical peel such as Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE Treatment by a qualified technician can give your skin a new lease of life with minimal bother. This is the very latest in chemical peel treatments using Salicylic acid to smooth skin, minimize melasma, age spots, acne scars and fine lines; it has been hailed as one of the most effective peels available today.

Watch the video on the right to see a Obagi Blue Peel peel being applied to a woman during an american medical TV show to see how the procedure works and the amazing results that can be achieved.

Stop Smoking:

It’s obvious isn’t it? Sounds so simple right? But smoking is one of the biggest causes of dull, grey and lifeless skin and of course it causes premature ageing. Seek help from your GP or chat to your pharmacist about what methods of help might suit you in your battle to stop smoking. There’s no dressing it up…smoking shortens your life and ruins your looks. There’s no reason to carry on!


You Are What You Eat:

Yes…your diet could be ruining your skin. Too many refined sugars, too much alcohol and caffeine in addition to processed and fatty foods will all take their toll on your face. Deposits of fat under your eyes, lines and spots…these are just some of the effects of eating the wrong things.


Stress takes its toll on our looks more than most people may imagine. Worry causes the release of hormones which have an adverse affect on your skin and not to mention the issues of comfort eating which are all too familiar to those of us who have high-stress professions and too much to do! Take up yoga or meditation to reduce your stress and within one month you will see an improvement.


Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will do more for your skin than you might imagine. Being fully hydrated ensures that toxins are regularly flushed out and fine lines are plumped up. Humans are made up of around 65% water…so make sure you’re getting plenty!

The path to bright and beautiful skin isn’t difficult; with amazing skin peel treatments such as the Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE to give you a clean canvass plus a few lifestyle changes, you could be looking more youthful, more radiant and healthier than you’ve ever dreamed!

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