Find Out Which Celebrity Uses Diamonds to Get Rid of Their Cellulite


Cleopatra bathed in milk to maintain her perfect skin…and Jennifer Lopez reportedly scrubs herself with diamonds as a way to banish cellulite and keep her limbs smooth and supple. If you’re imagining the songstress grabbing handfuls of precious stones and slapping them all over herself you’re slightly off the mark because J. Lo’s methods are reportedly rather more refined.

She’s said to use an Australian concoction made up of diamond powder…yes…that’s powdered diamonds…to keep her skin in top condition. For us mere mortals, diamond based exfoliation treatments are maybe slightly out of budget but never fear! There is another, more affordable and extremely effective treatment available for cellulite and it’s accessible by simply booking an appointment. No diamond mining or crushing required.

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) is so amazing at smashing the problematic fatty deposits which linger in our legs, hips, arms and buttocks that Madonna has reportedly purchased her own machine for use at home. Now if the Queen of Pop uses it, there must be something in it right?


The way it works is by sending acoustic waves…essentially sound waves, into the problem areas where they disrupt those fat deposits, breaking them up and dispersing them; the treatment also tightens connective tissue which means firmer flesh and skin will give the appearance of a smoother, younger-looking body.

This treatment first appeared as a solution to painful kidney stones; such is the capability of acoustic wave therapy that it can destroy the tough stony deposits which some people suffer from. Now it’s been adapted to suit those of us who need a little help shifting those awkward lumps and bumps which might not be painful in a physical sense but which can certainly cause an emotional distress of the kind which might be debilitating.

The treatment is completely painless and produces results through a course of regular treatments. Weight loss can only fix many people’s cellulite problems to a certain degree…why live with uneven, orange-peel skin when you don’t have to?

If you’re tired of your body not being quite what you think it can be, look into this revolutionary treatment today and get the skin you deserve!

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