Fact Sheet About Laser Hair Removal


There are many different methods of hair removal, but for some people who suffer from poor circulation, varicose veins or diabetes the more traditional methods could cause infection. Laser Hair removal would be an excellent alternative to remove unwanted hair without the worry of infection.

Laser Hair removal emits a beam of light that passes gently through the skin to the hair follicles, without damaging the delicate structure of the skin.  The process destroys the hair follicle and leaves the surrounding area unaffected.  The Laser beam will not penetrate the second layer of skin and will not reach any internal organs so is a completely safe way to remove unwanted hair.

The hair will grow back after about six weeks, but the more treatments you have the hair will grow back lighter and finer. After about six to eight treatments you will notice that you have less and less hair growth, and you will only need to maintain the treatments two or maybe three times a year! That makes this one of the most effective way to achieve permanent hair removal.

There are many problems associated with other methods of hair removal, for example with waxing it can be extremely painful, and can cause ingrown hairs. These are hairs that curl and grow back into the skin, which can be painful and even a cause of infection.  Waxing can also cause minor bleeding.

A lot of people use a razor for hair removal, this is probably one of the most popular choices, but because the razor cuts at a sharp angle the hair grows back quite courser and thicker, and you will see the hair growing back usually after two or three days. The razor can also cause red shaving bumps and of course using a razor blade can also cause cuts; how many times have you seen someone with tissue paper on their faces to help stop the bleeding?!

Using the Laser hair removal system you will never have an ingrown hair, this is because the laser targets specific areas and will not cause damage to the surrounding area. The laser will pass through the skin to the hair follicle where the heat from the laser destroys the hair and any bacteria along with it.  This makes the laser a very gentle and non invasion way of hair removal,

Other hair removal methods such as plucking, tweezing, shaving and waxing  can cause a skin condition called Folliculitis, which is a skin condition that causes tender red spots.  Doctors will actually recommend Laser treatments to help with the healing as laser treatment is the only effective way to treat ingrown hairs.

Because laser hair removal destroys the hair at the root it leaves the skin silky smooth and there will not be any ingrown hairs.  If you continue the treatments, over time  it will eliminate all hair growth in the area being treated.

People do ask if the laser treatment  is as effective on the larger areas of the body, such as arms, legs or back for example, but such is the effectiveness of the  techniques used for laser hair removal that it enables a rapid treatment of a large area of the body within just the one session which will steadily weaken the hair. This means the arm and leg areas are the fastest to respond to the treatment.

If you are looking to be ‘hair free’ by the time you go on your summer holidays then the best time to start your laser hair removal treatment is during the winter months,  allowing your skin to recover from any possible redness and after the removal of those painful in growing hairs.

More and more men are searching for a considerably more effective solution to their unwanted hair problems and so have started looking towards laser hair treatment to rid themselves of their unwanted back and chest hair. Shaving can become excessive which can become uncomfortable and in some cases embarrassing if rashes start to form.

There are one or two cheaper alternatives that are available like waxing, using tweezers or even shaving but the latter leads to stubble quickly reappearing – so laser hair treatment is a seriously viable solution.


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