Facial Laser Hair Removal – Ultimate Guide

We have put together our facial laser hair removal guide to help you if you are thinking about getting laser hair removal on your face. The following topics are covered and answered for you. You can skip to the section you are interested in or read from the top.

Areas covered include:

  • What happens when you laser your face?

  • Can facial hair be permanently removed?

  • Is it safe?

  • How successful is it?

  • How often should I laser my face?

  • Before and after pictures

  • How long does it last?

  • Is it painful?

  • aftercare

  • side effects

  • sideburns and neck video

  • sessions required?

  • Can you laser your upper lip?

  • review

  • cost

  • Looking for men or women’s facial laser hair removal in London?

facial laser hair removal model

Should you laser your face?

Facial laser hair removal treatment is the most effective method of hair removal available for long term hair reduction. It can be used almost anywhere on the face and gives long lasting results.

Todays technology can safely treat facial hair on all skin and hair types from light, tanned skin and darker skin tones with excellent results. Laser hair removal on your face can treat annoying upper lip and sideburn hair for women to ingrown hairs under the chin or defining beard lines for men.

Can you laser your whole face?

Yes your whole face can be lasered. Apart from the eyebrows as there is a risk having the laser so close to your eyes. You can choose individual areas like the chin, forehead or upper lip for treatment.  Or combine areas by having half or your whole face lasered.

Laser clinics can treat facial hair in the following areas:

Half facefacial laser hair removal half face treatment area

Full facefacial laser hair removal full face treatment area

Upper lipfacial laser hair removal upper lip treatment area

Chinfacial laser hair removal chin treatment area

Beard line for menfacial laser hair removal beard line for men treatment area

Sideburnsfacial laser hair removal sideburns treatment area

Jawlinefacial laser hair removal jawline treatment area

in-between eyebrows / Glabellafacial laser hair removal eyebrows treatment area

Nosefacial laser hair removal nose treatment area

neckfacial laser hair removal neck treatment area

earsfacial laser hair removal earsl treatment area

foreheadfacial laser hair removal forehead and hairline treatment area

cheeks /cheekbonesfacial laser hair removal cheeks treatment area

What happens when you laser your face?

Having your face lasered is the same as having the rest of your body lasered. No extra measures are required. The area treated is marked with a white pen. Protective glasses are then worn by you and the practitioner. There is nothing to worry about, as they are also worn with other parts of the body to protect the eyes from the laser.

The laser then passes over the area being treated. Lasers are quite noisy. They also beep every time the laser is activated. You will continue to hear it beeping during the rest of your treatment.

Facial laser hair removal uses light energy to permanently damage or destroy individual hair follicles. The process is called photothermolysis. The treatment targets the roots beneath the surface of the skin. Powerful medical grade lasers, the same ones used in hospitals, prevent regrowth.

laser hair removal for face premier laser youtube video

Some lasers have a built-in cooling system. It blows cold air over the treated area. The skin gets cooled as the laser is passes over it and it reduces the pain levels. It will add to the noise in the treatment room.

Facial hair reacts to laser the same way as the rest of the body hair.

The laser beam is attracted to the melanin or pigment in the hair. It travels to the root, avoiding the surrounding tissue, and reaches the hair follicle before destroying it. Once destroyed the hair will not grow back.

Lasered hair usually takes 5-14 days to shed, or fall out. It will fall out naturally. You don’t have to do anything to speed this up.

Only facial hair in the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle is affected by laser. At any onetime only 15% of your facial hair will be in the anagen growth phase. So at every laser session only 15% of hairs will be destroyed or affected by the laser.

This is why multiple sessions are needed over several months.

laser hair removal forehead

The hair growth cycle also explains why you cannot have laser hair removal on the same area every week for 4 weeks in a row.

When you have laser hair removal your skin absorbs a a tremendous amount of light energy and needs to recover. Compare it to being sunburned.

If you had sunburn from a sunbed or sunbathing you would not go back every week. This would badly damage the skin if you did. You would wait for the skin to fully recover before going back.

It is the same with laser. Skin needs to heal.

In addition to the healing, appointments are spread about every 6-8 weeks so your laser treatments can be timed and synchronised with your hair growth cycle. This ensures all the hair would have been in the growth phase of the hair cycle at some point during your treatment and been destroyed.

Can facial hair be permanently removed?

Facial hair can be permanently removed by laser hair removal. Results of up to 90% hair reduction can be achieved with laser. For most this has a tremendous impact on their lives. After all, your face is the first thing people notice about you!.

If you forget to shave your legs for a few weeks a bit of stubble may grow. It probably will not bother you too much and your legs can be covered up. If your sideburns or moustache starts becoming noticeable or your eyebrows are slowly becoming joined this can be start to cause concern for you. With laser you won’t be continuously worrying or self conscious about unwanted hair growth.

facial laser hair removal goggles

Is laser hair removal safe for the face?

Laser hair removal on the face is just a safe as having laser hair removal on any other part of the body. With any laser treatment goggles are worn by the client and practitioner for safety.

Lasers used in reputable clinics are the same lasers used in hospitals and medical practices worldwide. So are extremely safe.

The Candela Gentlemax Pro is considered the best laser hair removal machine in the industry. It i s medical grade and has an FDA approval. This means it has passed rigorous scientific testing and research and is safe for use for laser hair removal.

Make sure your clinic uses top of the range lasers. Your facial laser hair removal will be safer. Clinics using unbranded cheap lasers purchased of the internet can be dangerous. To guarantee the safest laser hair removal for your face always choose a reputable clinic.

Also find an experienced practitioner. Todays lasers are extremely powerful, in the wrong, inexperienced hands, they may pose a risk to you. Find a reputable clinic which specialise in laser for the safest laser experience.

facial laser hair removal model

How successful is laser hair removal on the face?

If by successful you mean your facial hair will be 100% removed and never grow back then your expectations may be unrealistic. The best you should expect is around 90% hair removal. Most people will require the occasional top up sessions once a year or once every two years.

Laser hair removal on the face can be very successful. Results depend on many factors:

  • These include skin type and tone.
  • Also type of hair you have.
  • Hormones levels.
  • Choice of clinic.

The clinic will affect your results based on the technology used and experience of the practitioner.

You can help your boost you chances of success by:

  • Attending your appointments regularly.
  • Not missing appointments.
  • Giving feedback to your practitioner about the results between sessions.

These factors combine to determine how successful laser hair will be for you.

Male facial laser hair removal model

How often should I laser my face?

Laser hair removal in a clinic will require you to buy a package of 6 – 8 sessions. Anything less will not give you the results you are after. If you purchase a package of 6 sessions for your upper lip then your sessions will usually be scheduled every 6 weeks.

This means you will complete you course, if you keep to your scheduled appointments in 30 weeks.

You will not need to keep purchasing another 6 sessions every year. 90% of your hair should be removed after the first 6 sessions. You may need the occasional top up session every once in a while but that is it.

Before and after pictures for facial laser removal

  • Sideburns and Forehead

before and after facial laser hair removal treatment pictures

  • Cheeks and Upper Lip

facial laser hair removal before and after photo

  • Chin

chin laser hair removal before and after photo

How long does laser hair removal on the face last?

Unlike shaving or waxing which is on-going, after completing your laser hair removal package results are long lasting. You will not need to laser your facial hair every month. Any hair you notice growing back will be a lot thinner, lighter and finer.

If you do notice hair growth you can opt for top up sessions or removing the finer, lighter hairs by your previous methods.

Top up sessions may be yearly for some or every two years for others.

Compare this against the cost,time and inconvenience of constantly waxing or shaving. This is why many choose laser.

Is laser hair removal painful on the face?

How painful laser hair removal is on the face depends where on the face you are having laser done. Some parts the face, with thicker skin, hurt less then other parts of the face, with thinner skin.

Laser on your sideburns and chin hurts less then your upper lip where the skin is thinner.

Pain ranges from 2/10 for your sideburns, forehead and chin to 8/10 for your upper lip. ( 1 is pain free – 10 the most painful).

Also some people are able to tolerate the pain better. Men and women generally tolerate pain differently too.

Laser hair removal pain is often described as being flicked by an a hot elastic band. The pain is short lived. Facial areas do not take long compared to larger areas like legs or back.

facial laser hair removal model

laser hair removal face aftercare

You are advised to treat affected skin as if it had been sunburned. This will avoid further damage and limit side effects. Keeping skin moisturised, away from light, and regularly checked for signs of infection is important.

Avoid sun exposure after treatment. Immediately after your laser session a cooling aloe vera gel is placed over the area. This will help to cool down the skin. You should liberally apply aloe vera gel in the days after treatment. If you are in discomfort you can apply cool packs to the treated area for relief. Always wear a good quality SPF sun lotion between sessions.

What are the side effects of laser hair removal on the face?

The side effects for facial laser hair removal are the same as if you were having full body laser hair removal. Side effects are minor and temporary and the following may appear after your laser session.


Blistering & Burns

These are rare side effects but make it even more important to use a reputable clinic, using the latest technology and an experienced practitioner.


Scarring can occur if your practitioner makes a mistake. Scars can also occur if you do not follow the right aftercare.


As laser damages your hair follicles there is a risk or infection. The area should be viewed and treated as a wound while healing.

Colour Change

Skin can get darker or lighter after laser hair removal Any changes are not long lasting with your skin returning to normal over time.


Crusting can may lead to scarring or scabbing. Moisturising can prevent any long term issues. 

Irritation & Redness

Your skin can feel tender, tingle afterwards or may swell slightly. If you are used to waxing or plucking it will resemble that sensation.

Eye Injury 

With facial laser hair removal like laser on other parts of the body, goggles or must be worn. This is even more critical when powerful lasers are used in and around the face.

Laser hair removal for sideburns and neck video

laser hair removal sideburns youtube video premier laser

How many sessions of laser hair removal is needed for the face?

With any laser hair removal area 6-8 sessions are recommended. Top up session may be need for some taking total sessions to 11+.

Because the facial area is smaller then other areas it tends to react well to laser hair removal.

Good results can be experienced in 6 sessions by most. Your clinic will recommended how many sessions you need depending on a range of factors described above.

Can you laser your upper lip?

Laser hair removal on the upper lip is one of the most popular areas for laser. No one wants to see the beginnings of  a moustache on their upper lip. Laser is effective at removing hair above your lip.

Laser sessions are really quick as the area is small so can take less then a few minutes to perform. As the skin on the upper lip is thinner then other areas of the face, the upper lip tends to be one of the more painful areas to have laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal face review

Watch a video review of facial laser hair removal by Annouska who came to Premier Laser to have her facial hair removed at one of our London clinics.

laser hair removal for face video premier laser youtube

How much does laser hair removal cost for the face?

Prices for laser hair removal for the face in London are generally around the following price range.

Earlobes, Eyebrows, Nose £80 – £100
Upper Lip, Cheekbones, Chin, Sideburns, Neck £140 – £160
Upper Lip & Chin, Jawline £200 – £220
Half Face/Beard £250 – £275
Full Face £310 – £350

Looking for men or womens facial laser hair removal in London ?

If you are looking for laser hair removal near you and you live in London, why not speak to us today about how we can tackle your facial hair. With 9 clinics across London we are hopefully near you wherever you are in London. We are Londons largest independent laser hair removal specialists having performed over half a million laser treatments since 2008.

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