Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Guide

Laser Hair Removal can be achieved on most places that hair grows on the skin, however the eyebrows are a little different in the fact that they are so close to the eye. This is not to say that some eyebrow treatments can’t be done, but there are one or two rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to keep the treatment safe.

Eye Protection

For one it is imperative that eye protection is worn at all times during the treatment as the laser light is extremely powerful without the necessary precautions can cause damage to the eye. The goggles provided should provide the wavelength specific protection to suit whichever type of laser that is being used.

Patch Test

A patch test is a little test performed on a small area of skin that is used to determine the optimum level of the laser energy that is required to get the required results as well as providing the opportunity to gauge the skins reaction to the laser. Most people are ok to have Laser Hair Removal however there are some who can have reactions to the Laser which is why a patch test is very important.

About Premier Laser

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