Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal


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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal:

According to a survey conducted by Readers Digest the
average person spends around 3,000 hours shaving in their lifetime. Let’s say that
the average human lives to a nice ripe old age of 80 years, so if we average
this out it means we spend around 37.5 hours a year shaving. Now obviously we
don’t start shaving till at least around 16 years of age so taking this into
consideration we actually spend around 47 hours removing our hair from our
bodies. That’s just less than two full days of straight shaving…wow!!

Laser hair removal is a process where lasers are used to
remove hair, although this process is not permanent it dramatically reduces the
amount of hair that grows. This seemingly futuristic treatment that uses laser
beams to remove hair works by heating up the follicles that lie beneath the
skin. The pulses of energy are absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair
which heats it right down to the root, safely destroying it without damaging
surrounding tissue or skin.

5 Most Common Areas

Initially preferred by women, laser hair removal is now used
by both sexes. The 5 common areas of laser hair removal for women and men are
as follows:


  1. Upper Lip
  2. Under Arms
  3. Stomach
  4. Bikini Line
  5. Legs


  1. Sideburns
  2. Back
  3. Stomach
  4. Arms
  5. Buttocks

Am I A Suitable Candidate?

Unfortunately laser hair removal is not as effective on
everyone. So how do you know if you are a suitable candidate? Well generally
speaking because the laser targets the pigment, the laser is not as effective
on white, grey or red hair. Anyone who suffers from conditions such as keloid
formation or hypertrophic scarring should not have this particular treatment.
Also laser hair removal cannot be performed over any kind of tattoos or
permanent make-up. Finally although the treatment is safe it is recommended that
pregnant women wait till after their postpartum check up before proceeding.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

Most people will require a course of around 4 and 8
treatments. The reason for this being that hair grows in 3 different stages. Laser
hair removal can only target hair that is in the anagen stage (active growth
stage). At any one time 90% of follicles will be in this stage, so a course of
treatment is needed to make sure that all follicles are destroyed so they will
not produce more hair.

Does It Hurt?

This really is a hard question to answer. Since pain tolerance
differs for each person it is relative to that individual. However while some
people say they feel no to next to no pain other describe the sensation as
feeling like a elastic band being snapped on their skin. Nowadays the latest
clinics have inbuilt cooling devices that help ease any pain and the ones that don’t
can provide aesthetic gel that numbs the treatment area.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The most common side effects experienced include slight swelling
and redness of the skin – these are only short term and usually subside within
a few hours. However anyone with really sensitive skin may have to wait a few
days before the redness completely disappears.

What should I Do Before My Treatment?

Before you have laser hair removal it is important that you
try and keep the skin as natural as possible. You should try and avoid:

  • Over Sun Exposure
  • Sun Beds
  • Tanning Products
  • Also if you are taking tablets for acne such as
    Roaccutane, which must be discontinued prior to treatment.

After Care

After care is just as important as preparing your skin prior
to your treatment.  You should try and
avoid the following after having laser hair removal:

  • Heat stimulations – this includes hot baths,
    saunas and steam.
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Swimming (chemicals in the water can cause
  • Products such as perfume, body lotions,
    aftershave and make-up.

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