Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

How many of us lust for smooth and silky legs? The constant maintenance of stubborn dark hairs can be a time-consuming nightmare. Laser hair removal is a popular choice for women who wish to get rid of their excess hair in a quick and painless manner, but there are an increasing percentage of men also turning to laser hair removal for an easy way to remove hair from their chest, back and legs for a more groomed look.

There are many options when it comes to hair removal – shaving, waxing, epilating and using hair removal creams all work to get rid of hair although the results are temporary. Research has found that women will spend on average 72 days in their lifetime shaving their body hair, and it follows that women would spend large amounts on razors and hair-removing creams. Laser hair removal is the affordable option for permanent hair removal.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser Hair Removal was first introduced during the mid 1990s, and since then the treatment has grown rapidly in demand. Firstly you will undergo a consultation and a patch test prior to the treatment. At Premier Laser and Skin we use the latest laser technology, Candela Gentlemax Pro, which offers permanent elimination of body hair. Using the Candela Gentlemax Pro a concentrated beam of light targets the hair and damages the follicle, destroying it from within. A concentrated beam of light precisely targets the hair and eradicates the follicle at the root. Laser Hair Removal can effectively treat any area on the face and body, from those stubborn sideburns you’ve always hated to that sensitive bikini line you are endlessly shaving. The treatment takes as little as 15 minutes for facial, underarms and bikini hair. Results can be seen immediately after the very first session but we recommend between 6-8 sessions for long-term elimination.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal The Best Option?

As well as long-term results, here are several advantages to choosing Laser Hair Removal over any other treatment:


The amount of money we spend collectively on razors, shaving cream, wax strips, epilators and hair removal cream is more expensive in the long run than Laser Hair removal and the results are not permanent. Laser Hair Removal starts from as little as £22 for facial hair removal.

Time saving

The Laser Hair Removal takes between 15-60 minutes per session which equates to at least an hour an a half of treatment. But in comparison to the amount of time wasted waxing and shaving this is very little.

Low Pain

With shaving many will experience rashes and cuts that occur unpredictably. Epilating is a more painful method for removing hair as it rips the hair from the root –  results from epilating hair typically last only 3 weeks. Waxing is another painful method where irritation can occur from hot wax and strips, as well as a strong chance of ingrown hairs and scarring. The Laser Hair Removal treatment is virtually pain free and likened to an elastic band lightly snapping on the surface of the skin.

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