Does Laser Hair Removal Work With Tanned Skin?


Laser hair removal is the easiest solution to remove unwanted hair on parts of the body that hair is not needed. LHR does not guarantee every hair follicle will be removed but it’s very close; below are some factors to consider before undergoing treatment for those people with tanned skin.

There are certain requirements before undergoing this procedure which your consultant will discuss with you. Those with lighter skin and dark hair will be the easiest type of skin to undergo laser hair removal as fewer treatments are required because you can obtain better results.

This does NOT mean that if you are tanned you can’t be treated. Developments to this treatment mean that many consultants can treat tanned skin. Each case is different, and levels of effectiveness also differ.

Clients with tanned skin were traditionally not eligible to undergo LHR treatment as they are likely to absorb the light energy which could burn them. This would require treatment with the use of a specialised laser and the cost of this treatment would have been slightly higher.

However, this is no longer always the case so speaking to the clinic, you may discover your tanned skin can be treated for the same price as everyone else- although you may need more treatments over a course of more months.

One person who had LHR treatments said, “I always liked to use the sun beds to make my skin darker but when I knew I wanted laser hair removal I decided to stop on the beds for a while, so I could get the best results out of my hair removal treatments. I left it a few months after having the treatment before going on the beds again. This meant my treatment was successful with no side effects.”

It is generally advised that those with tanned skin allow the tan to fade before having LHR and avoid any interaction with sunbathing . If you can avoid tanning and burning your skin, you should.

With developments with laser hair removal systems and techniques constantly improving, it allows those with problematic or unsightly hair to get this removed once and for all. For those with tanned skin, treatment may take longer but you can generally still see some effective results.

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