Does a Hydrafacial remove Blackheads?

blackheads hydrafacial

Blackheads are a type of acne. They appear from blocked hair follicles and pores. They are a mild type of acne and mainly caused by pollution, dirt, and oil on the skin.

Hydrafacial clears up the pores. The patented vortex vacuum suction removes dirt and bacteria. It empties the dirt in pores and gets rid of blackheads.

blackheads hydrafacial

Why you shouldn’t squeeze your blackheads

Many people squeeze their blackheads to get rid of them. But blackheads don’t usually respond to squeezing. There is not much movement from under the skin’s surface and it is harder to get a grip or good squeeze them out.

You really need micro equipment to squeeze the blackhead acne, like tweezers or acne poppers.

Pushing and squeezing with nails or metal acne poppers may damage the skin. Plus spread the under skin bacteria and acne formation over a wider area.

Also, most fingertips are a breeding ground for bacteria so you could be causing more problems than solving.

blackheads hydrafacial

Blackhead removal strips

Blackhead removal strips are not as effective as a Hydrafacial either.

When you apply them wet and leave to dry, the strips stick on the top layer of your skin.

When taking it off, it will only grab the top layer of the blackheads and leave most of the bacteria, sebum and oil behind. But it will scrape off the top layer of your skin.

Exfoliation is good for your skin. However only when it is done evenly and safely.

The blackhead strips are usually 2-4 inch wide. And they only exfoliate certain areas on the skin. which can cause your skin to look uneven.

Lastly, the blackheads are usually formed on the nose and chin areas. Which are the hardest places to apply the blackhead strips. The strips are very thick for the crease and they usually don’t sit properly on the top of the nostrils or the chin crease.

HydrafacialHydrafacial is the most effective treatment for blackheads

Hydrafacial provides an even and deep skin cleanse. It clears off the pores fully. Reaches the hardest areas and gives you the best results for blackheads. You can see our Hydrafacial before and after photos here.

Not only can you have the blackhead removed the skin will then be hydrated with nutrient-dense serums. If you want results, it is much easier to get your skin properly cleansed in a clinic.

If you live in London and are looking for Hydrafacial treatments why not contact us today for a free consultation. We have 9 clinics across London for you to choose from.

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