Do You Get The Basics Of Hair Removal Wrong?


Interestingly, whilst most women are generally very good at regular hair removal, many only opt for a temporary solution such as waxing or shaving. They usually start thinking about permanent hair removal when they have a significant event coming up which as a holiday in the sun or a wedding and, of course, by the time it has occurred to them it is usually too late!

Don’t Leave It Too Late

If you are thinking about using a permanent hair removal reduction method, such as laser hair removal, then you need to allow plenty of time for the process. To have the best results you would need to have several treatments, approximately six weeks apart, so as you can see it would take several months in total.

It isn’t the kind of decision you can really make at the last minute. To make sure you are getting the best treatment possible you need to plan ahead. For example, one of the common mistakes people make is assuming they can have laser hair treatment at any time of year. In fact, the worst time to have treatment is in the summer when you may be out in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Find The Right Clinic

You should also spend time researching the different clinics in your local area. Don’t just pick the cheapest or the closest. Search online for reviews, visit a few times and make sure that you are comfortable with the clinic and all its practitioners. Not opting for the cheapest isn’t to say that you have to pay full whack for treatment however as this can be very expensive; keep an eye out for discounted deals or money off vouchers and buy them when you can. Just make sure you look up the clinic first!

Safety is Number One Priority

Before embarking on any treatment plan make sure you have a patch test carried out. This will ensure you aren’t going to react with the treatment or any of the products used. It is also a good idea to read up on the types of laser removal available for your skin type. Not all skin types are suitable for treatment so rather than be disappointed by the results, if you are aware of your options you can be in a more knowledgeable position when visiting potential clinics. An experienced clinic will know the best laser for each skin type in order to achieve optimum results and maintain safety.

Remember to trust your instincts. If you don’t like the look or feel of a clinic, then don’t feel obliged to stay. There are plenty of good clinics, so simply find one you feel comfortable with.

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